Friday, June 5, 2015

Miracle Skin Solution

Hello everybody!!!

This is a product from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic called Skin solution.


Skin Solution itself comes in spray bottle packaging and can be used as an overall skin spray. It can be used as a skin toner, skin soother, refreshing feeling, and hydrating mist.


When I sprayed it on my skin, I was startled as the spray was pretty strong and a bit got into my eyes, it stings a little.

Since it sprayed quite strong, the product also made the face instantly wet, it's not that kind of mist, more like sprayed with liquid heehee.

There's a mild green tea scent and it is refreshing enough to be used on the facial skin and body.


This kind of liquid help other moisturizing product absorbed better and easier since the skin need to be damp for moisturizer to set. I can also use it on my body and it helps lotions. balms, and even body butter to stay put on the skin.


The product is available at any Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and be sure to consult first before purchasing.


Thank you Miracle Aesthetic Clinic, see you again soon!

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