Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Natura Derma Cosmeceutical Beauty Clinic

Hello everyone,

last weekend I was invited by Natura Derma for a treatment. Natura Derma itself is a cosmeceutical beauty clinic, which means a beauty clinic that has a medicinal properties, and it's beyond the regular beauty products.


Located at several location in Jakarta, I went into their branch in Pacific Place. Tucked in a secluded area inside Galleries Lafayette near the lingerie.

It's like a place on it's own, an Oasis.


There's a comfy area for family or spouse to wait on and this is also the consultation area with the therapist. 

Natura Derma offers treatments such as facials and slimming for the body, as well as products to be used and consumed at home.


I'm choosing a Bio Reverse Aging, a treatment for the body that uses a cream called Herbal Cream.

Krim Phyto-Hormone yang terbuat dari tujuh kandungan bahan aktif alami yang diolah dengan teknologi tinggi yaitu menggunakan sistem Transdermal Phyto-Hormone dan Nano. Sangat efektif untuk menyeimbangkan Hormon didalam tubuh, mengatasi berbagai gangguan tubuh seperti Aging, Obesitas, Jerawat, Flek, PMS, Migran dan Menurunnya Gairah Sexual.


Inside the beauty clinic there's around 3 beds for facial and one for body treatment. Since Bio Reverse Aging is a treatment for the body, I went into the private room to try on the treatment.


The room itself is pretty and simple, but the wall could be thicker due to the sounds from the next room. Still, Natura Derma plays some relaxing music so the sounds become minimal.

Inside the room, there mirror, clean towels, bed, and a very cold air conditioning system.


These are the product and tool used during the treatment that last around 1 hour and 30 minutes. It's the Herbal Cream and something that looks like a knife but it's not, it helps the micro circulation on and under the skin. The cream itself is like a gel at first but absorbed on the skin. The treatment involves a massage, perhaps it help the penetration period as well. I was advices not to take a shower at least 3 hours after the treatment so the cream can continue on 'working'.


The massage and the cream itself is pleasant, we can always ask the therapist to slow down or put more pressure, one thing that I would live for them to improve is the air conditioner. I went to another salon before that has the same problem, they put plastic cover on the air conditioner to help minimize the coldness, even the therapist hand is very cold, it's really uncomfortable for sure. I get what Indonesian like to call 'masuk angin' after the treatment.


What do I feel after the treatment (minus the 'masuk angin') is the massaged body with a pampered skin from the cream. The cream itself is comfortable, I don't feel any heat nor coldness, just a plain gel on the skin. It is slippery, but with the massage they are absorbed well on the skin without sticky feeling nor greasy, more like a thin film covering the skin.

There's a mild herbal-like scent but it fades away within hours. When I cleaned the skin after I arrived home, there's this sandy leftovers on the skin, it kept being sandy for 2-3 days. The skin does not shed nor flakes, it's just sand like residue on the skin, a white one.

Do I feel the balanced hormonal or other therapy effect? Hmm, I think like mentioned by the therapist, it need more than just one session. So far all I can see is the smooth and soft skin with nothing more. Perhaps due to the 'masuk angin' as well, I can't feel the balanced hormone.

Thank you Natura Derma.

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