Monday, June 15, 2015

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

Hello lovelies,

this is Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush, and mine is in no.7 which is known as Corail Affranchi .

And yes, I've been wanting it for so long and really happy when Yves Saint Laurent gave me one ^___^


Full information from the official website:

Kiss your cheeks. Blush your lips. Play with color and mix and match your lips and cheeks. Yves Saint Laurent introduces the latest innovation in the edgy Baby Doll attitude. This 2 in 1 ultra blendable air whipped mousse beautifully highlights your lips and cheeks with a sensual soft matte finish. Available in 12 signature YSL shades.

What's inside?

    - Hyaluronic Acid Spheres

    - Moisturizing action emollients

    - Softening action

    - Softening action

    - Pomegranate extract

    - Antioxidant action

    - Candellila Resin

    - Protection

    - Mineral Pigments

    - Bright sheer color
Apply directly on the lips for a moment of pure pleasure. The lip brush can also be used to spread the color over the lips or to add a second layer of lip color with precision.


The product is just adorable, it is like a cream being fluffed so much and become this mousse texture. So light and easy to be used. It blends on the skin beautifully and easy to be layered as well.

The formula is kind to the skin, it is after all an infused makeup with skincare ingredients inside. This is the differences between mass produce makeups to high ends, they may come in higher price but they do put wonderful beneficial stuffs inside their products.

From naturally blushed or hint of shades on the lips to a bolder color, layered them for a more intense finish.


Corail Affranchi is perfect for that gentle makeup do, it made my skin look even fairer.

The soft and romantic finish.


Or I can double them and use more on my lips for a more covered lips.


The ingredients made my lips looks so soft and delicate. It covers the lines and dryness, the more I'm using it the better the lips are. Now I want to try more of their colors since they look so good.

Overall, a creamy formula that blends beautifully on the lips and cheeks to create that perfect hint of blush or a deeper color when layered and applied more.

The product gave everything it touches a softer and smoother feeling with a light moisturizing effect that feels just enough. The product has a medium stay power when used on the cheeks as blushes and still transfer when used on the lips with a light staying power. But when used doubled layers, the product can last longer on the lips, giving that hint of stain.

Thank you YSL Beaute Indonesia.

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