Thursday, June 11, 2015

Academy Perfectron Hyaluronate Bio-tech Treatment

Hi everyone!!

This is actually not a new recent stuff at my dresser, more like something I received months and months and months ago and I remember by finding the empty bottle. Yes, I do use the serum until finish because it is so usable and versatile.


Details from

Winter to receive the stimulus of cold north wind and air-conditioning is, I think the moisture of your skin will suffer from skin problems such as prone to acne and wrinkles shortage. So, now as a dry measure items, and introduce the beauty essence of rumors gather overwhelming support from our model. And plenty condensed beautiful skin components to keep the moisture of the skin, and Toka will lead to prettily beautiful skin there is a fresh needle like a baby.

Acne and wrinkles, the skin troubles such as stain various colors. But, it is really the story has not been surprisingly known in the drying of the root cause your skin. Perfect Ron excellent us save every woman suffering from skin problems by shutting out the drying is an enemy of your skin serum. First, research !! to favorite model

do mind the translation >.<


The bottom line is this particular product is made to replace the loss of moisture of the skin, the product mimics our own hydration system and made the skin moist again.

On the details they mentioned that acne and wrinkles are not skin's main problem, it's dehydration. Hence this product is needed.

I've been using it for months and until finish. It is so delicate and easy to be absorbed by the skin. The serum works well on a clean and toned skin, and with any kind of moisturizer.

It made my skin feels moist hence less lines and less problem due to dryness.


Alongside with the serum, Kawaii Beauty Japan also gave us other products from Japan.

Thank you and don't forget to join the next Kawaii Beauty Japan's event and gathering.

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