Monday, June 1, 2015

Crabtree & Evelyn Caribbean Island Wild Flowers

Hello lovelies,

I hope everyone is in great condition or at least in their up most relaxing condition... I guess, it's a bit difficult isn't it?! Nowadays, we get a lot of things needed to be done, we are definitely not in a holiday season and for sure, even holiday season can be quite stressful.

Crabtree & Evelyn, a brand that I always love for their irresistible scents, has just launch a new collection of Caribbean Island Wild Flowers bath, body, and home collection.


The scent of transparent, wild island flowers lies at the heart of this fresh and enticing fragrance collection. Gently mingling with these exquisite blooms are luscious. tropical citrus notes, alongside a marine accord, all of which conjure the feeling of long relaxing days on a tranquil Caribbean Island.

Caribbean Island Wild Flowers bath and body products are imbued with lively notes of spider lily, bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, and plum. While the Caribbean Island Water Lily Diffuser infuses the home with notes of water lily, lemon and mint, filling interiors with a sense of restorative, Caribbean island calmness.


Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Wash
300 ml Price Rp. 390.000

Details from
Caress and cleanse skin in one scented sweep with Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Wash. This exotically fragranced, gently cleansing wash creates a smooth lather in the shower, brilliant bubbles in the bath and a splash of island elegance in your daily routine.
  • Honey and hibiscus extracts help to  hydrate and tone skin
  • Moisturising glycerine leaves skin supple and smooth
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol or sodium lauryl sulfate
Body Lotion
50 ml Price Rp.150.000
300 ml Price Rp. 450.000

Drench your skin with our Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Lotion. With a blend of nourishing, antioxidant-rich and conditioning oils, this lightweight lotion is infused with hydrating honey and toning hibiscus extracts to help leave skin soft and deliciously scented to face the day.

100 ml Rp. 790.000

Whether day or night, a dash of Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Eau de Toilette will put your body and mind on island time. Refreshing fruity, floral notes of wild island flowers and night blooming jasmine intertwine with citrus and the subtle scent of balmy ocean air to exude tranquility.
  • Spray bottle delivers a gentle mist of fragrance
  • Formulated without propylene glycol
Body Cream
200 gr Rp. 650.000

Formulated with mango seed oil, avocado and shea butter to moisturize and condition, our Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Cream delivers deep hydration with a delicious tropical scent. Perfect for extra-dry areas, this creamy, concentrated product offers a touch of indulgence with every use.


The full collection can now be enjoyed and purchased at any Crabtree & Evelyn's stores in Indonesia.


I feel like I'm back to my younger days, I still remember being in my teens and always using Crabtree & Evelyn's products since I love their scents. They carry the best scents from florals which I really love. So fresh, like they are just picked from a garden during its peak season.

On my birthday, I always get to choose my present, and Crabtree & Evelyn filled many of my wishes.

As I standing there at their counter, sniffing and trying each and every collection that they have, I feel like I'm back to where I belong, amongst Crabtree & Evelyn.


From EDT, EDP, body lotions, creams, fruits, and florals, their ingredients are made with care. Their bath and body products contain no known harmful chemicals like paraben, sls, and many more.


Then all of us went home with products to try at home, Caribbean Island Wild Flowers Body Wash and Body Lotion.


The body shower produce gentle lathers that cleans with tons of fragrances from the oils. It is so fragrant and lovely. Caribbean Island Wild Flowers has this immense freshness like citrus and exotic flowers at the same time. Lemon and mint to Jasmine and bergamot, imagine all of those scents mixed together to create a beautiful island scent just for you.

Forget about today's stress and indulge in the foamy lather and high on the aromatherapy experience, when you are finish, rinse out and notices the clean and velvety gentleness on the skin, it feels fresh but far from drying, in fact, it is hydrating in its own way.

The best part? The scent last for an hour on my active body, added with the body lotion? Hours and hours.


It's like a gentle hydration on the skin, it feels super comfortable, the words sticky and greasy would never come to mind or the senses. It's like the best version of a perfumed body lotion.

It's a perfect lotion for those looking for a light hydration in this muggy weather. For those who owns dry skin or during traveling, can try on their body cream for a more moisturizing effect that last all day long.


The packaging, details written of the ingredients and information are clearly written on each of the products. It is simple and informative at the same time.


Do visit Crabtree & Evelyn's counter near you to find out more and perhaps look at other products too which has been a favorites for decades.


Hope to see you again, lovelies!

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