Thursday, June 11, 2015

Annie's Way Jelly Mask

Hello lovelies!!!

Finally, I get to share with you this adorable jellies from Annie's Way.

Nope, they are not for eating, they are for facial mask. Used after cleaning the skin.

Mine is Q10 Anti Aging Jelly Mask
Whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, minimizes fine lines. Gives your skin a youthful, toned, luminous and flawlessly radiant look. Especially designed for aged and wrinkled skin.


That's the jelly, the yellowish clear jelly that feels so cool to the touch and I love love love the gooey texture. This is surreal.

Ingredients: Q10
Vitmin E
Hyaluronic Acid
Peony Root Extract

When used the jelly feels fine on the skin and comfortable too. I leave it on for around 20-30 minutes before I wash them off.


The result after rinsing is my skin become so good, the pores are almost invisible, the lines are relaxed and reduces, the skin looks fairer and so soft plus smooth too. This is ultra comfortable.

I can use serum and moisturizer afterwards, but I decide to use their paper mask as well the serum too.


I continue with the one that promote Moisture.


Add another 30 minutes and the mask is still pretty much wet, so unlike other mask that become dry and absorbed back our skin moisture, Annie's Way Mask got plentiful of serum liquid and it kept the mask staying moist until we're done and it cam be for hours since there's still a lot of serum inside the container.


After the mask is taken off, I apply moisturizer on the damp skin. Continued by makeup. Look how flawless my skin become. The high moisture content and smooth surface made makeup so much easier and lighter too. No need applying too much on the pampered skin.


Thank you so much Annie's Way and you for reading my post, do try on their jelly masks, highly recommended by me.

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