Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mr. Write (Now) by The Balm

Hello lovelies,

The Balm Indonesia has just launch their newest addition, Mr. Write (Now), an eyeliner with shades to choose.


We have a Mr. Write (Now) for every day of the week... and then some! Meet this new collection of attractive eyeliners that are truly easy on the eyes. These pencils deliver the long-lasting color you've been looking for, and have built-in sharpeners so they are always ready when you are. With high payoff, eight wearable shades, and a satin smooth texture, we understand why your eyes wander- but rest assured, your eyeliner won't!

Apparently in Indonesia, there's only be 6 available shades. The products are already availabe at any The Balm's counter.


Nude, Bronze, Mocha, Charcoal , Navy, Onyx (black).


Here are the swatches.

They are easily used, just twist and they come out, the 'built in' sharpener is there for a thinner finish. The product is like a crayon, so it need time to set dry.

You can use an eyeliner brush to help them set faster and add a bit of loose powder to add the staying power.


And then the event started, with a brief information from the brand manager and a quick makeup demo too.


The event is held at the counter and we get to take pictures too, see them on instagram with these hashtags: #mrwritenow #thebalmid


After the swatches and the products are set, I'm playing with them, wash my hands and they do proven to be waterproof, smudge resistant and rub resistant too, as long as oils are not involve, so for those who happens to have greasy lids will still find them smudges especially after a hot and humid day.

Thank you The Balm Indonesia for having me.


  1. kayaknya lagi musim banget eyeliner warna warni ya ci :p
    banyak amat brand yg keluarin colorful eyeliners mereka hehe

  2. pengeeen coba eyelinernya hahahah thanks for sharing this

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  3. Benerrr, eyeliner lagi boooomingg ^___^