Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ramadan Kareem with The Body Shop.

Hello lovelies,

a few days ago, I was invited by The Body Shop Indonesia for an event to welcome the upcoming moment in Indonesia, Ramadan and Hari Raya with Share The beauty of Ramadan Kareem Program starting on 11th of June 2015 at all 129 The Body Shop Indonesia stores.

New makeup trends, gifts selections, fragrances and sharing with donating will be shared with you today.


The event is held at Double Tree by Hilton at Cikini area on a bright sunny day. The hotel itself is wonderful (but I wish it could go a bit closer to the center area) and inside, we are greeted by the friendly team from The Body Shop Indonesia.

With gold and black as their main colors, guests are able to portray the theme for today's event, Arabic and Middle East inspiration just like their new makeup theme.


The Body Shop presenting 2 newest perfume collection, Life is Gold, with a subtle, elegant and feminine floral and Red Musk Oud for a bolder and far more intense selection of woody and spices, perfect for Hari Raya.


Soon, the event began with Rika Anggraini (GM Corporate Communication The Body Shop Indonesia), Carrisa Putri, and Yenny Zannuba Wahid (Director of Wahid Institute).

In this opportunity, Carrisa shares that on every Hari Raya, she shares moments with family and friends by giving one to another, she especially loves gifts from The Body Shop. And by doing so, we can also make a donation to The Wahid Institute  through Empower the Women Community Program on every shops of The Body Shop, where? Directly at the cashier.

No amount is too small nor too big, any amount that you can give, please do participate, either Rp.1000 you could make a difference in these women's live.

Empower The Women Community has a program called Koperasi Cinta Damai (kocida) for women in many regions. On weekly basis there will be a Micro-finance for Religious and Ethnic Harmony which covers guidance and aids to help women to become more independent by starting and developing small family business and financially supporting their children's education.

To this day Microfinace for Religious and Ethnic Harmony, The Wahid Institute has develop their program at Parung, Bogor, Panggulan, Depok, Tasikmalaya, Sukabumi, Bandung, and the surroundings.

Through Kocida, The Wahid Institute has 392 members by the end of 2014, and targeting around 2000 women by the end of 2016 for a peace loving and prosperous Indonesia.


During the event, The Body Shop team also shares their idea of the upcoming makeup trend for this year's Hari Raya, the focus are on the eyes.

Graphic Bold Liner makeup trend using their new makeup products called Matte Kajjal. Below you can see the two items, one in black and the other in white.

You can be inspired by Flawless Allure for Ramadan, with a natural look and fresher eyes makeup trend. And Festive Glam, a glamor and elegant finish for Hari Raya.


Below are the collection of gifts that will be available at their counters. Price range from Rp. 199.000 until Rp. 999.000.

There's toiletries, fragrances and collection suitable for male and female, young and old.


Which one is your favorite? Whatever it is, please don't forget to make a donation at the cashier.


Thank you so much The Body Shop Indonesia for having me during the event.

Here is a picture of me with The Body Shop team.


I hope I can help spreading the news about the donation and I really wish we all can make Indonesia a better place. Let's keep on praying and giving one to another, especially to those who are in need.


In this occasion, The Body Shop Indonesia reminds me the beauty of giving, inside there's an image of the founder and her famous quotes on no matter how small you think you are, you can make a differences. Imagine sleeping with a mosquito she said. It's small, but it's really annoying.

Let's us be mosquitoes that give positive impacts to those around us.


This is one of the sample of the gifts. Inside the golden packaging are 4 items from The Body Shop shea collection. Shower Cream, Body Butter, Body Whip, and a shower flower sponge.

It is a complete set one could use everyday, they may look simple, but they'll definitely make the person receiving the gift happy twice daily. The shea comforts the dry skin during shower, after and for the whole day.


I think the shea has a similar sent with the Life is Gold fragrance, it is soft, gentle and calming too.


I also try their new fragrance, Red Musk, it is really strong and suitable for a festive moment.

Both of them are EDT and last for around 3-4 hours when used.


Again, don't forget to give a gift, make a donation and start making a differences to the society.


Thank you and see you soon!!

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