Friday, May 8, 2015

Powder Parlour Dry Shampoo

Hi everybody!!

these babies are from Powder Parlour, their instagram account is @powderparlour.


Mine is in Rose Bouquet and Secret Garden, they also have two other scents, please do look for them at their instagram account. I choose those in floral scent since I really love a flowery fragrance.

They both have the exact same texture and color. white powder.

It's just the scent that makes the difference. One in a more romantic floral scent and the other is more like a freshly cut flowers in the summer.


The white powder is not very fine, so it is more like a 'grown up' powder and unlike baby powder.


The instruction is simple, put on some using a brush and leave on for a while. Remove the excess powder by brushing.


But I don't recall looking at any details about the ingredients written on the product.

Below how I use it,

first, apply liberally on partings, and then move section by section and apply to those areas as well. I leave them on for around 5-10 minutes and then shake it off, and brush the excess off the hairs or at least until those whites are not visible anymore.


And then, I style like usual. The hair + powder = a fixed hair. Like they made the hair to obey and stay still in a volumized way.

I brought them everywhere now, a brush and the Powder Parlour for a quick touch up not just against grease but humidity too.


I love how the powder power to lift up the hair and sometime during a morning event, I don't have time for shampooing and drying the hair. I use the powder on the night before, I put a lot of them and goes to bed. In the morning, where there's usually limp and lifeless, my hair looks fabulous and like I just have a pull out hair blow.

I brush everything to remove some of the residue powders and style them up. It saves me 30-45 minutes!


Cleaning the powder is easy, just shampoo as usual and make sure all the scalp and cleaned since using the powder are mostly on the scalp area.

Since Powder Parlour, my scalp has been so much better, no more limp and greasy hair. For those who have oily scalp like me, will love them for sure. They may look white but they do absorbed the oils fast and becomes transparent soon after being brushed off.

A tips from me, put your head down and brush the excess off while shaking your upside down head a bit, it will remove all the leftovers powder and gives instant lift up for that va va voom volume.

Thank you Powder Parlour.

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