Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme

Hello lovelies,

Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme is definitely not a recently launch item, in fact 2 years ago when Anna Sui herself visit Indonesia, we already able to enjoy this wonderful fragrance.

The iconic purple cloudy glass bottle in form of roses and butterfly on the lids, in golden and looks so beautiful. Yes, even the perfume itself comes in a collectible container.


Details from


The La Vie de Boheme lifestyle always evolves, but the constant remains the same. And that is always a woman who is a bit defiant, a bit romantic, a bit artistic. In essence, it's truly the modern woman. Yes, the signature look may be mixed patterns, flowing dresses, boots, floppy hats, but every generation brings its own attitude to it, a unique expression of personal style.


She is an adventurer and a romantic at heart.

She lives her life on her own terms. She is curious and loves to travel. She has a love of nature and all that's beautiful and honest.

Unshakeable in her convictions. Unstoppable in her passions. Unconventional in her lifestyle. Mixing a dash of creativity with endless originality, she sets out to change the world one day at a time.

LA VIE DE BOHÈME captures this energy. This creativity. It's full of radiant joy and peace. Love and happiness. Freedom and fun. Bohemian in style, in attitude and spirit.

Spray it on and make the world a better place!


Before we go any further, above is you take a look, one of them is in golden bottle, that's La Nuit De Boheme.

They may look similar, born from the same idea, but they smell so different and unique in their own ways. Well, I'm not here to compare them, but to share my thoughts on La Vie De Boheme, inspired by a girl in a hippie spirit, free and adventurous. Full with dreams and romanticism. Love everything surrounding her and blooming with flowers and the love to everything that's beautiful in live.


After a shower and getting ready, I sprayed some on me as a finishing touch, as a scent that lingers on me the whole day that carries me to my dreams and achievements.

Everything is carefully made in the Anna Sui world, even the box comes with Anna Sui Color Palette and Bohemian art.

Made by the perfumer, Philippe Romano, DROM. 

At first, we can smell the amazing Turkish Rose and Sparkling Pear, settled a bit to a Burgundy Berries and Dragonfruit. Surely but sure Peony comes along, followed by the flowers mixed with woody scent of sheer musks, black vanilla, sandalwood for that fun but mysterious.


In Indonesia, the perfume comes in these form and prices:

75 ml EDT for Rp. 887.000
50 ml EDT Rp. 690.000
30 ml EDT Rp. 505.000


What do I personally thinks of the perfume?

it's like a dream, filled with sweetness and unique scents from the roses and berries and woods, it's like nature and art combine, alongside with freedom, delicateness and charm at the same time. Yes, it is in fact a charming perfume.

Looking at the bottle, the shapes, the curves and design, the color of the liquid, the cap, I pretty much understand the correlation between the scent and everything that comes with it. If it's made for a girly girl, then the color should come in a pink colored liquid, but it's purple, it add more dimension and sophistication. If it comes in a clear liquid, then it is more to the mature or classic and formal. If it's yellow it is usually adapt fun or even serious.

So it's in a rose pattern bottle, with golden cap, comes with a clear purple liquid, it is bohemian at its true form. Liberating, not ordinary, unique, yet still feminine, beautiful, and of course dynamically modern.


The scent last around 3-4 hours on me.

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia.

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