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L'Oreal Paris New Excellence Cream Mahogany Copper Brown 4.45 and Blogging Competition

Hello lovelies,

Some time ago, I went into an event with L'Oreal Paris to celebrate the new hair colors of their collection. With Dian Sastrowardoyo as their brand ambassador, this event also celebrate her new hair do and color.

Please do read my previous post here:

As mentioned on that post, I was given a new hair colorant in 4.45, Mahogany Copper Brown, just like Dian's.


The product consist of a triple care technology for a better hair condition after coloring.

Now, how and why do I get this color? As explained on my previous post, on the event, each of us got a simple consultation to find out which color suits us best, from our preference to our own natural tone, please do read the details below:

o Orang yang termasuk kedalam kategori warm tone biasanya adalah

orang yang memiliki warna kulit kekuningan/cokelat dan mudah gelap

setelah terkena sinar matahari, warna urat nadi yang mengarah ke

kehijauan, dengan warna mata cokelat keemasan, hijau, hijau kebiru-

biruan, hazel dengan flek keemasan atau kecokelatan, serta warna asli

rambut antara coklat gelap dengan highlight keemasan, cokelat, merah

kecoklatan, merah, pirang kemerahan, pirang keemasan, abu-abu


o Orang yang termasuk kedalam kategori cool tone biasanya sedikit

menggelap atau tidak berubah sama sekali (atau hanya menimbulkan

warna kemerahan) setelah terkena sinar matahari dan memiliki warna

urat nadi yang mengarah kebiruan. Warna mata orang dengan tone cool

adalah cokelat tua, hitam kecoklatan, abu-abu kebiruan, biru gelap, hazel

keabu-abuan dan memilki warna asli rambut hitam, coklat kehitaman,

putih, coklat muda keperakan, cokelat keperakan, abu-abu atau perak.

o Sedangkan orang yang masuk kedalam kategori neutral tone memiliik

warna kulit yang berada di antara warna hangat dan dingin atau warm

deep to medium skin tone. Orang dengan warna kulit ini sangat

beruntung karena semua warna akan terlihat cocok dengan kulitnya.


After knowing which color suits you best and pick the color that you want, remember, safety also plays part, that's why inside each box of hair colorant, L'Oreal Paris puts a pair of gloves to make sure hair coloring at home safer, this gloves for me is like my best friend, it helps protecting the hands from the chemicals and as well making sure I have access to keep touching my hair for a better distribution.

Once opening the box you'll find everything you need, including a pamphlet that explain everything. Read it thoroughly, take your time and since it is to be used at home, you can take the precaution and do the allergy test first.


Mixed number two (the tube) and three just a little bit on a container. Mixed them well using a cotton bud. Avoid everything with metal, so a glass, a cup, or a plastic is okay. Once mixed well, usually the color will be developed, like shown on the image below.

Apply a bit on the sensitive area like inside your elbow and wait at least 24 hours, or like me 48 hours like the instruction.


It is said not to rinse this part, but I can't avoid taking a shower, so I prefer to do it after shower so the product will remain longer. It will stain a bit but should not cause any allergic reaction like prolonged redness, itching, burning sensation and so on.

After making sure that everything okay, I proceed to coloring my hair.


Hair colorant by L'Oreal Paris is well known for being amongst the best, with pro keratin, collagen and ceramide, they add more protective ingredients so the hair will look their best while in their new shade.


Let's start shall we?!

First, made sure you have a dirty hair, dirty as in 2-3 days of not washing and filled with natural sebum. Not dirty as in, you're just joining marathon and swim in a swamp.

Why do you need to do it on a 'dirty' hair? Those natural sebum will actually protect your scalp from the chemicals.

Secondly, for women, avoid coloring during and right before menstruation to prevent unnecessary 'pain'. During those time, we are more sensitive than ever, the pores, the skin and including the scalp is more sensitive. Remember that most high quality waxing places and dental clinic also advices their clients not to do treatments on those periods.

Third, you has pass all of those two and ready to color your hair. Made sure you have 1-2 hours undisturbed, from phone, homework, ehm kids, and so on. You never want an unwanted disturbance as in your phone colored the same color as your hair.
Prepare the room well as well and always do hair coloring on a well ventilated area, as in open your windows far and wide so the fumes has a chance to go away.
Come your hair thoroughly and you're ready!


Put on some old clothes, dark colored towels, some petroleum jelly on the hair lines, ears, and neck, so the colorant wont stain them.

Open no.1. The tiny tube, the pre hair coloring treatment, apply it all over your hair start from the ends as it is the most fragile part.

Made sure all of the ends get the light gel like cream and then gently move up. If you happen to have short hair, no need applying all the way up until the scalp, just the midway length will do.


You may re-comb your hair after applying the pre coloring serum, it helps the hair by coating them in goodness so they wont get overly dry. The pre serum also helps adding those brilliant shine to your hair all the way to the ends.


Wait a while until the pre serum is absorbed and mixed number 2 by putting all of them into number 3. Press the tube all the way until finish. Don't leave anything behind. If you have thicker and more hair than shoulder length, you probably need more than one package.


After joining both part together in the bottle, close it back, so don't put off the tip first, shake them well first. Or if you happen to accidentally open the tip, use the glove and close the tip by pressing it with one of your finger while mixing it vigorously up and down, until everything is mixed, open the tip of the lid.


Apply them on the roots of the hair first, leave it on for 30 minutes, and then use the rest to the tip of the hair as it the part where the color easier to be absorbed. Virgin hair is always the hardest as it need more time then colored hair. Those who have colored their hair with henna or black will fine it very difficult to color their hair. Wait until the hair grew longer, cut the parts that has been colored by henna and/or black before coloring a lighter shade.


After making sure that all parts are colored, I'm always prefer to use a shower cap to keep everything tidy. The 'heat' kept inside also help the color to develop better, but if you're not sure and dislike the 'heat' make some holes so the fumes can come out.

There's a sharp scent from the formula, the scalp may feel tingling and warm sensation as well, as long as it's not a burning and painful reaction, it should be fine (remember that allergic test taken before also to prevent unwanted things to happen).


After a total of 45 minutes, I gently add warm water onto the hair and massage them gently. Rinse them bit by bit and with circular massaging movement. Remember that the colorant might be very sticky, no need rushing, gently rinse them well and they'll rinsed out eventually.

Make sure that the water runs clear in the end, it means you're done rinsing them up and ready to put the conditioner balm, no. 4 as the last treatment. Where's the 2nd treatment from the triple care? It's in the colorant.


Apply the balm after rinsing them out and on a towel dry hair. Use it only at the mid length hair all the way to the ends. Avoid the scalp.

Wait two minutes. You may comb the hair using wide teeth comb. While waiting, use a facial mask, use soaps for the body and so on, 2 minutes will fly away so fast.

Rinse everything well and dry as usual.


This is my new hair color and below you can see the before after.


Look how shiny the new hair color is. Love those shines and brilliant color for sure.

I look more confident in my new hair and the even out shade made my complexion fairer and fresher!!!

Thank you L'Oreal Paris Indonesia..... wait, I'm not done yet, you can also change your hair color and start a new beginning, like Dian Sastrowardoyo and me, lembaran baru untuk kita.

Now, L'Oreal Paris invited you to win some prices while changing your hair color too.

o Hair treatment package dari L’OrĂ©al Paris senilai Rp 500.000,-

o 1 buah voucher belanja dari MAP senilai Rp 500.000,-

o 1 buah hair styler kit Phillips senilai Rp 1.000.000,-

o Special feature di berbagai media sosial L’Oreal Paris Indonesia

All of those for 3 winners, so everything mentioned above, times 3.


Get your self a new hair color from L'Oreal Paris New Excellence Cream or Fashion Color. Blog about it as detailed as possible and share it as many as possible. There are points of sharing and making those posts. Don't forget to put Lembaran Baru as the keyword and you must show your readers that you're also doing the allergy test.

Explain why you want to change your hair color, describe the step by step of coloring and show us your before after images. Does the new hair color effects you? Tell us everything about it. Last but not least, submit everything you've done to these two lovely ladies (and also ask them for more details.):

Email: dan

Remember that the contest is open for all bloggers in Indonesia and the deadline is 23rd June, 2015.

See you there!!!


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  2. Hai Asti, tadi aku baru aja reply kamu di instagram, dan pertanyaan kamu agak membingungkan, maksudnya satu set apa ya? Bukannya semua cat rambut dipasaran dijual satu set seperti diatas?