Thursday, May 7, 2015

Canmake Color Stick

Hello lovelies,

these are Canmake Color Stick for highlighting and contouring. I got these babies from Jean, she went to Hong Kong and she gave me these babies, thank you Jean ^__^

Actually, there's 5 shades of the original Color Stick, but I want these two as it can be used as a highlighter and contouring, knowing that Japanese always do a very mild (to none) in contouring and highlighting, these could be a perfect product to be used daily.


Instantly covers flaws to give you a brighter-looking complexion! For skin that looks even more beautiful than bare skin.

Pigment-free, Unperfumed, paraben-free, contains conditioning agents
This is not only a concealer that will cover flaws in your complexion; it is a multi-purpose cosmetic stick in a range of colors that can be used to cheeks and as highlighters to provide luster, translucence and definition. Moderately hard, it clings tightly to your skin and can be spread thinly over your face for a natural-looking complexion that looks even more beautiful than bare skin.
Apply directly with the stick or apply to your fingers and spread thinly over areas that have flaws or that you want to look more attractive. This product is considerably more effective if applied thinly and then reapplied with a patting motion.


The one I'm using as a highlighter is in shade 08
color image

[08] yellow gold☆

Use to combat brownish rings around the eyes from pigmentation caused by UV rays. For a bright, natural-looking luster. Can also be used on your T-zone and cheekbones to provide natural highlights

And the contouring is in shade 06
color image
[06] beige ochre
Use to combat dark blemishes, spots and freckles for a natural finish. Use on your nose and for shading


Above are the swatches of both products, as seen the highlighter is not too bright or highlighting and the one for shading is not deep as well. And on my skin they do look a bit ashy. This is perhaps due to the Japanese under tone which is cool. Those who have warm undertone won't be happy using it as it can look greyish than dark brown (which is more suitable to their skin tone).


Above is my before look and below is when I'm applying the shading/contouring first (06) and then on the right is the highlights (08).


Like seen, the colors are not really as vivid as we usually see in the 'contouring and highlighting world' so if you prefer a mild contouring and highlighting, these are the one for you. For those with dark skin can focus more on highlighting and those with light skin concentrate on contouring.

The thing is, these babies are not really compatible with just any brand, I prefer to use it with another Japanese brand foundation as they can be a bit difficult to blend. Especially on large pores like on the nose bridge. The close to sticky formula lifts up the foundation under it when blended.

Try blend them bit by bit in a more tapping motion or use a fine foundation brush to help out.


These are the finish look. Above is after using both products, as seen the nose are more defined, the cheeks are contoured and same goes with the forehead and chin.

Below is after putting on the whole makeup.


I have to be careful when putting on the powder as well and use a round flat powder brush to help clean up the excess powders on the areas using Color Stick as they do really clings, not just to the skin but anything I put on top and under it as well.


A wonderful product from Canmake that are pretty in terms of packaging and design. The rotate-able stick makes using it easy and practical, no need sharpening and just use it on the skin. On special areas like contouring the nose bridge a finer brush is still needed as the stick is too wide for that particular area.

The product does relatively glide on smoothly but the slightly thick formula may lifted up the foundation beneath and made powders stick more than the areas that doesn't use them.


The yellow gold (highlights) are not really shiny and glitz, so it is mild in terms of giving a radiance highlights. It does reflects lights slightly better than Color Stick for shading. And the 06 is a bit more matte as well.

Most of all, it is perfect for those with cool undertone.

The product has a medium staying power and not really a whole day product, especially in Jakarta's hot and humid climate.

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