Monday, May 25, 2015

Kji & Co 24Hours Eyeliner Injection

Hello lovelies,

this is an eyeliner from Kji & Co, famous for being waterproof and stays 24 hours.... when undisturbed.


24 Hours Eyeliner Injection
Waterproof & Super Long-lasting


A liquid eyeliner pen that is versatile, easy to use and gives you professional, precise effects in creating your ideal eye makeup. Perfect for day or night use, you can go simple & subtle or go sexy & dramatic! This makeup essential enables you to accentuate and highlight the beauty of your eyes for any occasion.

Advanced semi-permanent, waterproof formula dries fast and lasts all day for that perfect fresh look from dusk to dawn with an intense black color that stays on until you take it off. No more worries about runs, smudges or smears, even when you sweat.

Suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lens.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Keep your eye half open, tilt your head back and look at the mirror. This will allow you to get very close to your eyelash line.
  2. Gently draw the line very close to your upper lash line, following the natural curve of your eyelid, starting from the inner corner of your eye. It is not necessary to draw the whole line using a single stroke - you can use short strokes to create the full line.
  3. While drawing the line, you can extend the line and make it gradually thicker at the outer corner of your eye. If you want a very thick line e.g. for cat-eye effect, you can build the line gradually and carefully.
  4. After applying, allow it to dry for a few seconds before opening your eye to avoid the color transferring into the crease of your eye.

The product can produce a thin to thick line according to the stroke. The tiny brush is wonderful, I can even write using it since it offer a good control. This is a plus as other eyeliner may be too flimsy or too hard and not comfortable to be used around the eyes, this one is perfect.


The carbon black color is superb and looks waterproof, but when it touches the water, the color starts to crumble. It wont be a problem if no rubbing is involved but just one rub and it's starting to melt, and eventually fade.



A wonderful eyeliner pen with a dark black color, stays on the lids nicely as long as there's no water and rubbing on to the area. The product can produce a thin and thick liner accordingly and easy to maneuver. It dries pretty fast and doesn't bother my sensitive eyes, it's just that, it is not really waterproof nor have a chance to stay on my greasy eyelids.