Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maybelline 100 Years

Hello everybody!!

Maybelline has just celebrate their 100 years anniversary, yes, it's been 100 years (whoaaaa).

This package is received by me on the same day that the event started, so I hope in the future it would come sooner so I can plan on coming ^__^


Aside from that, I see many posts on instagram from the beauty enthusiast abroad, they are recreating the looks from 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and all the way until now. On my package, they share some inspiration for 1960's look. A chic rocker style.


Inside there's the new dream satin skin two way cake, hyper curl volume express mascara, lipstick in rebel bouquet, hyper glossy eyeliner in black, pencil brow in dark grey, and eyeshadow color tattoo in audacious asphalt. As seen they all focusing on the eyes makeup to be as dark as possible.


It's chic rocking time!!!


Unfortunately, the two way cake is way too dark for me, but rest assure, I will still try to review about the texture and formula on my future post.

On this post, I'll share some of the products in a single look, they are Pencil Brow, Hyper Glossy Eyeliner, and Lipstick in Rebel Bouquet.

I've shared some of them on my instagram as well @carnellin.


Of course, since lately I've been a huge fanatic of anything that comes for the lips, I'm eyeing on the Rebel Bouquet first, look at it's name, Rebel Bouquet, it's destined to be used.


It's pink, it's bright, it got attitude, character and it's far from being boring. The texture is smooth and glossy, one thing that put me off is the smell, it's like crayon.

Still, the color, it's irresistible. Vivid, pigmented and has a wonderful coverage too. Makeup has gotten better and better nowadays, this affordable product gives out good quality without weighting us terms of financially.


And then, the pencil brow, mine is in dark grey, and it's dark alright. The texture of the pencil is soft and it is not dry, so it's kinda like a crayon but firmer.

I can easily control the intensity of the pencil by pressing it lightly or stronger, but I always opt for a gentler touch since it help avoid mistakes.

Above is my step by step photos in creating my eyebrows, start by drawing the outer lines and then fills in the inner side. The end should be more define than the beginning. Use a brush for eyebrows to help creating those 'natural hair lines' for the brows.

Finally, I add their hyper glossy eyeliner, it's dark and glossy at the same time. The eyeliner dries up pretty fast and proven to be waterproof. It helps defines the eyes for that deeper and more intense look.


Ta - da! Above is my final look in using some of the products from Maybelline, from the Pencil Brow, Hyper Glossy Eyeliner and Lipstick.

Thank you so much Maybelline Indonesia for these lovely products and happy birthday!!!

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