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Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Primer

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this is one of the product from FaceFinity collection from Max Factor. FaceFinity is famous for it's 3 in 1 foundation that is a primer, foundation and concealer in one. For those who are looking for the primer alone, this might be the product for you.

Details from:


The Secret ingredient of our Best-selling foundation is now a product in its own right. Simply apply Facefinity Primer under your favourite foundation to prime, mattify and hold your flawless beauty look in place for longer.
  • Mattifies skin
  • Contains Micro Correctors to banish excess oils
  • Uses Flexi-hold Technology
  • Contains SPF 20


Apply the primer after your moisturizer, using a flat foundation brush and sweeping it over the T-zone.


The liquid is light and in white pearly color. It looks like a lotion but with a more gel-like formula, it comfortable to be used and I would say wonderful but I can't, the smell is not pleasant. It's like this chemical-mixed-crayon-paint-like scent. It could be the deal breaker for me.


Still, it does prime the skin and leaves them softer and looks more hydrated. Using any foundation afterwards is easy and wont be a problem, especially those foundation with rich and thick texture.

On this post I'll share the primer using the FaceFinity Foundation, so yes, another primer included >.<


I happen to have Golden 75 and Pearl Beige 35, the 35 is lighter than 75.

Please do click on any image for a larger view since blogger seems to be timid today and made all images comes in a small size, the image will break if I made them in larger but surprisingly when click individually on a new tab, the image will be able to be viewed in normal (large) resolution (yes, a bit ranting here).

Below is two dots of the products, it may look similar,


but when spread, it will show the darker and lighter side of each product compared to each other.


And here my before after face, on the left is before and on the right is after.


How am I using them? As an inner contour. The deeper shade on areas such as outer liner of the face, under the cheek bones, sides of the nose bridge and v lines of the chin.

Then Pearl Beige 35 as a lighter shade for the nose bridge, inner forehead, under the eyes and upper cheeks, filling of the chin and philtrum.

The products blend effortlessly on the skin, and the primer used before made them blend even easier and yes, it is possible.


Below is the finish look of using the primer and foundation from the Max factor FaceFinity products.

I'm topping it off with another product for highlights and contours, loose powder and color makeup. The base itself looks lovely and the FaceFinity able to create that smooth and flawless base without fail.


The products does suitable for a long wear and may stand whole day. During hot and humid condition a loose powder in hand will always be a friend in need to keep them looking fresh and light to the touch. The formula of FaceFinity itself is light and the primer definitely add more longevity to the foundation without weighting it down. The only thing that puts me off is the scent like described above.

The lightness and covering power of these products combine will definitely be their strong point. The primer itself is not giving me any moist nor matte effect, more like soft luminous effect without the 'glow' finish and more to the mild velvety look.

Thank you so much Max Factor Indonesia.

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