Thursday, November 16, 2017

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation

Hello everyone,

last but not least, one last product of L'Oreal Paris Infallible collection that I'll share in my blog from Sociolla and L'Oreal Paris Indonesia. This is their foundation that have the 'strongest' coverage, as in maximum. Since the tone is really too dark for my skin tone, I'm using it as a contouring and they works well since it's easy to blend it on the skin.


Above is me using the Pro Matte shade 101 and the Total Cover Infallible Foundation in 308. Even thou they are different in texture, they still works pretty well together.


Above are the texture of Pro Matte, Pro Glow and Total Cover Foundation altogether when they are fresh from the tube. They look pretty similar right?! Like the Pro Matte and Pro Glow, just the Total Cover appear different right from the start, they seems creamy and thick, don't be fooled the ability to cover and the feeling when used is totally different. We would expect something so rich to be heavy right?! It's not, look at the comparisons of the three products below.


I put each of them on their location as seen on the images above and below after blending.


Clearly seen the differences of using each product as in finish and coverage ability (do ignore the shades), Pro Matte is really matte, soft and like powdery, I love the fresh clean feeling that last super long. The Pro Glow gives my dry skin a comfortable feeling thanks to the flexible texture. The skin appear to have a radiant glow, like it's not taut and dry anymore. While Total Cover Foundation gives the skin a natural finish with high coverage. The texture may appear thick and dense, but it's pretty airy and comfortable to be used too.

So there's you go, all three formula, all three finish and texture and ability to gives the skin what it want and what you need.

Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris Indonesia and Sociolla.

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