Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Face Shop White Seed Real Whitening Essence & Tone-Up Cream

Hello lovelies,

brightening my skin has never ever been my concern. Blessed with a fair skin from the birth made me want to look tan. Ironic isn't it? We tend to look at the other's grass greener. Still, nowadays perhaps due to aging too, some spots starts to emerged, the solution? of solution? Of course, brightening products.

They are not just made for lighten the whole skin tone, but helps lessening the spots too, as they are melanin as well. The effect might not be as forgiving as whitening the whole face, but helps in reducing the intensity of the spots. So these brown thingy will become less and less visible.

This time I'm trying a duo White Seed from The Face Shop, it's Real Whitening Essence and Tone-Up Cream.


White Seed is a botanical skincare line that moisturizes the skin while improving skin texture and clarity. White seed is formulated with White Lupine Seed which contains natural brightening ingredient to reduce dullness of skin to appear more luminous by controlling melanin formation.


White Seed Real Whitening Essence
- Real whitening essence that delivers powerful whitening effects for clear milky white skin.
- 7 free formula.
- TFS originally developed Hexylresorcinol gives powerful whitening effects that is 1,000 times more than that of vitamin C, to create milky white skin that shines from the inside.
- Hydro matrix gel system maximizes moisturizing ingredients and active ingredients for dewy, clear skin.

White Seed Tone-up Cream
- A complexion correcting finisher that instantly evens the skin tone making it white and flawless.
- 7 free formula.
- A real whitening complexion improving finisher that is a milky white formula that gives a refreshing application and cares for both dullness and uneven skin tone making the complexion instantly radiant. Primer function day care product.


This is essence on the picture above and the cream below. Clearly the texture is different one to another. One is more to the milky gel that cools and looks refreshing while the cream is rich and thicker, looks more like a whitening product, but I assure you both are brightening as it is.


Regarding the comfort of using, the essence in terms of texture is more pleasing but somehow there's a slight sting on some parts, for a while there, not the whole time and not causing any redness nor further discomfort. The cream itself is rich, like mentioned above, but pleasant and doesn't feel greasy nor oily on the skin, so it's comfortable.

Those who have normal skin will love the texture, so does those with oily skin, but as for I have dry skin, I add a bit of hydrating serum between these two just to make the skin feels better and more moist.


The cream is preferred (by me) as a day cream, but you may use it on day or night as you please. The essence itself is like a serum, so I'm using it after a toner and before the cream. They are great together, that's perhaps why they are sold as a bundle pack, regarding the rest of the series, I haven't tried them, perhaps when used altogether they will be more effective.


I see a slight differences on my skin, overall skin tone brighten and the spots looks less visible, there are still there, just not as concentrated as before. As I'm using them on day time only and just use the essence with another cream at night, I was kinda amaze that I can still see differences when I thought they have to be used both.

Since my focus is on the dark spots and not the whole complexion, I think the product works better as a skin tone brightener instead of a dark spots remover.


Will I keep using the products? I will, so far they feels good (after the sting for a while after almost every application of the essence), and smells good too. It's not an overwhelming scent, but rather white floral scent that calming and clean.

The cream is said can act as a primer, but I need something more than this for sure :D It's more like a light primer.


As I always avoiding whitening or brightening products, the fact that I'm still using these babies are already show how good they are, and the brand itself is pretty worthy among other Korean brand, hence, it worth trying.

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