Thursday, November 2, 2017

eZn Real Milk Hair Color

Hello lovelies,

so I was bored, one thing about me is that, I could never be bored or something about to happen.

I'm tired that my hair keep being tangled, severely damaged due to the bleach and curling chemicals, so I chop it off. I cut my own hair yesterday. With a bit of knowledge on what kind of hair style I want and how to do it from methods I know are done in Australia. They (the hair stylist) cut the hair after being tied, it helps getting an even length all over. Without trimming them down, I get the volume that I desire, so it is kinda a thing for me now to cut my own hair.

If you don't feel confident enough to do it? Don't! Better go to your trusted hair salon.

As the story goes, I imagine I need a new color too as the previous one have been washed out, checking out my collection, I still have some from Korea, this one looks appetizing, hence I choose eZn Real Milk Hair Color in Sweet Rose.


The product comes as a DIY hair color at home, it comes in several shades like brown, apricot, and ash. On their website, which is all Korean, it was said that the product contains oat that protects the hair, perilla leaf that shield the scalp and even have UV block keeps the hair color true.

So what does the milk refers to? They said it contains real milk to that gives nutrition to the hair, plus the texture that milky like, which I think a bit overrated since the texture is still too creamy to be called a milk.

Inside the milk carton packaging is impressive, they gave us not just the cream and developer, the hair pack for after use, latex glove and here it is, a plastic that will cover the neck and clothes. Hooray!! No more looking for an ugly shirt to ruined by.


The details are all in Korean, the key is like almost any hair coloring product, pour the one in the tube to the one in the cute milk bottle. Close it tight and shake around 20-30 times until thoroughly mixed. Use the lid with a tip for the hair for easy squeezing and application. As usual, use on dry (unwashed) hair immediately once the solution is mixed. Use the plastic cover and gloves before starting to applying. My tips would be, brush your hair before applying for a smoother process.


You may add some nutritive oils for hair into the mixture, something that I forgot to do and regretting it now. It helps super dry hair to at least survive.

Put the mixture all over the hair section by section, don't forget to gently massage it in between hair for an even application. After the mixture is finished, around my hair length (longer and thicker hair needs more than 1 package), do wait for around 30 minutes or so. I waited around 45 minutes and I can feel that the mixture becomes hot on my hair. Then after the times is up, rinse everything off and use the hair pack. I leave the hair pack on my hair around 5 minutes. But it was no use, my hair still feel so dry, I think it's almost like using a colorant mixed with bleach, it felt that dry.

I have trouble brushing my hair while drying it.


How about the color? Hmm, I've seen better, like L'Oreal is definitely better (oops sorry for the hard truth) but it really is. The formula coats more, shines more and I can happily brush my hair afterwards, this one, despite of the milk, oat, bla bla bla, my hair is dryer than before (cries out loud).

So perhaps, if you have virgin hair, eZn Real Milk Hair Color can more easily changed the hair color since I think there's some bleach here, it helps the hair lighten faster than hair colorant that focusing on the color and shine, since bleach means you'll loose the shines for sure and the consistency of the hair colorant need to be better, thicker, and fuller in color, the intensity is less here. But if this is the color you'll looking for, go ahead!


Still, I doubt that the color can stay long and I'm obviously worry about the dryness, from now, I'll focus on using treatments to help boost the hair condition that shines and moist.


love the plastic cover and latex gloves, loves the decoration and colors of the packaging and bottles, but the actual purpose of the product could be better, a lot better. Shine and glossiness need to be increased by far.

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