Friday, November 17, 2017

Collagen by Watson Gudetama Body Lotion

Hello lovelies,

a lot of brands are collaborating with Sanrio nowadays and Gudetama is on the rise. Many beauty products using it's eggy cuteness to deliberately connect the product and one of the ingredients as eggs, or so I thought. Now, some even doesn't care whether one of the ingredients or function related to eggs anymore or not, they just want those cute wiggly jiggly egg as their 'brand ambassador'.


Watson took their cuteness overload for the Collagen series, these are their body lotions. One is with Horse Oil and the other is Q10. One for moisturizing and nourishing while the other is anti aging and firming. Which one do I choose to try? Both!


The first thing I've tried is the one with Horse Oil Intensive Moisturizing & Repairing Body Lotion, the yellowish lotion. It smells fragrant and the lotions is pretty smooth on the skin. The formula is very easy to be used and doesn't leave any greasy nor oily residue, it's very much comfortable.

The scent is not really my favorite, but the texture does. It's not as thick and oily like the real horse oil lotion products so I guess it's pretty mild compared with the real deal I have from Hokkaido.


The lotion with white creamy texture, it has similar scent and texture like the Horse Oil, but Q10 Moisturizing and Firming Body Lotion is a bit more powdery. Still, these kind of mass brand products have similar benefits, not really something that you can hold on to, but it's a day to day moisturizing body lotion with the mild effect of Horse Oil and/or Q10 accordingly.

It helps boost the skin elasticity, but for me, that's it.