Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Body Shop Fresh Sorbet Blush

Hello lovelies,

this is one of the product from The Body Shop I've been trying for quite some time that I even wonder is it still available at The Body Shop stores or it has been discontinued. Many online shops apparently still selling it, but hmm, I don't think it's easily get in Indonesia due to some reasons. They are still available in Thailand thou'.


The products emphasize on fresh sorbet like cheeks that available in 4 shades, Tuscan grape, Florida sunstar, lychee blossom, and Cuban watermelon (mine). They smells so refreshingly fruity and looks so good. The gel sparkly texture and seems like they might do the skin some good.

Below is me try to use the product.

As seen, they don't really blend easily, and you should just use a bit by bit. They do share a common problem like most tint cheeks makeup, apparently they stain the fingers more than the cheeks.


After trying to keep and blending, I have to remove some of the residue and the result is this faint like stain. I've tried to layer it some more, but it's not easy.


It's somewhat like a faint blush. Perfect to be used if you prefer something like this, a makeup that emphasize on the lips, or other than the cheeks.



I'm not recommending this product since it's too faint and not easy to blend. The scent and texture may appear nice, smells good and interesting but that's it, those are the only things that interesting about the product.

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