Sunday, November 19, 2017

HiSmile Teeth Whitening

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who doesn't like bright clean white teeth?! Everybody does! It's as alluring as a beautiful skin or certain body type. A perfect white smile can made someone feels more confident and self-esteem. Cleaning them on daily basis routinely wont do much in terms of aesthetic, it is healthy of course but what we eat also need to be carefully planned. Coffee, tea, wine, and other stain related items need to be avoided at all cost. It's not easy, right?!

There's this trend of teeth whitening, mostly are done by dentist and carefully conducted to be safer and most efficient. But it cost quite a lot, took around 1 hour to do the process and not really convenient said some people.

Are we running out of options? Nope, there's these products in the market that was easy to be used, practical and effective, it's HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit.


What am I doing up there? There's me using the kit, it has a blue light and looks cool isn't it. LED light has been a thing in these past few years, for treating the skin to now, teeth.

It's the same light that was used in the dental clinics, now, at the most suitable and portable way possible.


The package flew to me from USA, I'm so glad there's nothing wrong with the delivery, I do have to collect it from Singapore since I'm not too sure about having it directly all the way to Indonesia, but the company told me that they do shipped worldwide, including Indonesia.


Inside the white pink package there's details on how to use them and what should we do to make it work effectively.

Clean the teeth properly before use, prepare the kit, apply the gel given in syringes, and put the tray into the teeth as a mouth tray, turn on the light and within 10 minutes, took it off when the machine is off by itself. Rinse the teeth with warm water until clean (no more gel left inside) and smile. Notice the whiter teeth within each use. The kit is meant to be used 6 times consecutively for 6 days, so it's once a day treatment. 


Inside the kit, there's also this tooth whiteness level, I can easily checked the progress on my teeth using the chart.

The gel contain sodium bicarbonate, sodium chlorite, pomegranate, aloe vera, and chamomile. This gel and the blue light LED could help whitened the teeth up to 8 shades whiter. The mouth tray is made to brighten both side of the teeth, up and lower, and it was made by focusing on the front part. So it doesn't go all the way to the back.


The kit is sold at $59.99 (USD) and they also have other variants such as tooth paste, the gels also separately to be used from time to time after the one at the kit finished, even a pen, for a quick and easy stain removal on the go.

The fact is, all of their products are suitable for on the go, carry them during traveling, when you're in the car, at home, or anywhere you please, whitening has never been a hassle anymore.


Here's the result of me using the kit for 6 days.

I'm not really proud of my teeth since it's not perfectly aligned but they are now whiter, when they are whiter, they look cleaner.


My experience of using it? The gel smells like chlorine or bleach, it have that distinct tautness, rigid and pretty tight. They are easily rinsed off with warm water thou, but still have that faint smell for a while. The teeth feels clean also, looking at them become whiter and whiter made me happy. The before and after image are after 6 days of using it.


Aside from the teeth, the gums that in touch with the gel also wrinkles and feels kinda weird, but it's okay, there's a bit sensitivity on the teeth as well, it's common with teeth whitening procedure, even at the dentist. And to keep the teeth fair, watch out for what to eat and drink so they stay stainless.


Thank you so much HiSmile for the opportunity in getting a whiter teeth in just 6 days.

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