Monday, November 13, 2017

Jabon No.1 Honey & Jasmine Liquid Soap

Hello lovelies,

natural soaps are on the rise for the past few years, nowadays customers are aware that using harsh surfactant is indeed not good for the skin. It made them dry, cause irritation and in the long term even linked to serious health issues.

Many of these soaps are now ready as handmade items and even has become unique souvenirs during birthdays, weddings and other celebratory gatherings. And I happen to meet one during one of the event, it is Jabon by Martene.


The packaging is beautiful and looks really exclusive, I was surprise to see them. Looks like they have class on their own. I checked out their instagram account and seems like they insist of having natural ingredients and only producing in small batch.... expensive? I don't know, maybe, but they look good aren't they?!


I love the packaging, and I love what I see inside. Natural soaps ave been my interest in the past few years as my skin start to show signs of irritation. Not just soaps, I start changing my shampoo, body lotion and anything that touches the skin. It has shown effects, no longer do I have unbearable dry skin, but no psoriasis too.


Listed on the bottle is the packaging and necessary details on the product. Everything is simple yet suffice.


The product inside is a clear yellowish gel that smells really good, jasmine with a hint of honey tone, so it's not sweet, more like a floral with warmth. The products lathers on the wet skin just nice and feels light, it cleans with a wonderful slippery feeling and when rinsed off, the skin feels clean. You know sometime there's this natural products that doesn't really give me a clean feeling after using it, this one delivers.

And the scent kinda last too, love it!!


Since the product seems to be very gentle on the skin, I let the kids using it also and they seems to enjoy the product too. Many kids toiletries in the market are bombarded with harmful chemicals such as paraben and SLES, it's agonizing to let them use it, even thou they put so many cartoon character on the packaging and write it all over it was for kids, but being negligence is just not a thing anymore, we do have a choice to become wiser and give our kids what they deserve, since some of the effects are long term.


Last but not least, I'm satisfy with Jabon by Martene, their No.1 Honey & Jasmine Liquid Soap is really good, I do recommend it for anyone to try.

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