Thursday, November 16, 2017

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

Hello lovelies,

when many are hip hip hooray with the matte foundie from L'Oreal that truly did what it said it would, giving the skin a 24 hour matte finish (click here), now for those with dry skin, no worries, L'Oreal Paris didn't forget about you here's the Pro-Glow Foundation.


The Pro-Glow foundie is made for those with dry skin looking for a comfortable makeup base that works well in covering the skin while still fit and moist enough without causing problems that happens with dry skin like marks, brittle and dull looking skin.

Below is the matte and glow collection from L'Oreal Paris Infallible, they may look similar, but even the packaging container is different. One has glow and the other is matte.


On the texture of the product is similar and doesn't look much of the difference, but on the skin after it was set, they are totally apart from each other. One is powdery matte while the other have this soft dewy radiant glow. Comfortable for a dry skin to use the whole day without cracking and pleasing on the skin. Those with dry skin will understand the pulling feeling on the skin, it's annoying and can create problem, I remember have to carry some face mist and using it every 2 to 3 hours so the skin becomes relaxed again.


The glows it produce is light and not like you're suddenly having a greasy oily skin, more like that morning glow, fresh from the shower that still damp and the skin looks happy. There's this luminous shine. The coverage of the product is medium and still buildable, but to to turn into maximum, I need to add concealer and makeup with thicker and creamier texture.


The ones I have are shade number 203 and 205, 203 made me look a bit tan while 205 is definitely way too dark, so I'm using 203 on the image above my skin appear like tan, right?! While on the image below is my usual foundie, the shade is 2 above 203.


But since I'm here to review on Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation which happens to be shade 203 and 205, I'll use and review it accordingly. The experience of using the foundation is predictable, they are indeed made for dry skin, mine since it is dry skin, noticing the foundation as something that fluid, watery, and easy to be used. It blends well, sets well, and stick well too on the skin. They are not runny or melting even thou they are made for dry skin to glow, they works pretty well and stay well for long hours.


Cleaning wise, use a good makeup remover so there's no traces of makeup left.

Thank you so much Sociolla and L'Oreal Paris Indonesia

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