Saturday, November 4, 2017

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

Hello lovelies,

remember that some times ago Sociolla and L'Oreal Paris send me these babies?! I've shared with you their amazing lippies, blushes, contour kit and color corrector, now, it's their most famous foundation that have successfully made everyone with oily skin finally found a match.


I don't have oily skin, that's one fact I have to share with you, my t zone have occasional misbehaved that may lead to cracking and some products looked melting, especially on the nose area. I do want my makeup to last thou' and looking fresh has never been better thanks to L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation that was told to last 24 hours.

Making a makeup last 24 full hours may not be the case for me, but usually I need them to stay around 8 to 10 hours max.


First, let's see the product, L'Oreal have two foundation that may appear similar, but one with red details that said pro-matte and the other is in blue which said pro-glow. Clearly, if you want to have a dewy looking skin, choose the pro-glow, and if you want a fresh looking matte skin, choose pro-matte.

They both comes in a 12 shades series, in fact the Total Cover Foundation too, they all comes in 12 shades. So you can simply choose the finish that you like, glows, matte, or total coverage which I think to be the thickest of them all, can be used as a concealer too.


On the swatch above from left to right
Pro Matte shade 101
Pro Matte shade 102
Pro Glow shade 203
Pro Glow shade 205
Total Cover shade 305
Total Cover shade 308

As seen, the texture of Pro Matte and Pro Glow slightly similar but I assure you that when used, they gave me a totally different finish. And Total Cover Foundation is the creamiest of them all, a promise of a maximum coverage (will be shared on different post).


I'm using these two babies on my post today, the highlight is for sure the Pro-Matte, look at the video below, start from a clean skin (after all the skincare) where it is so glowing and full of areas I want to cover to this fine fresh matte finish.


What do you think, the products made my skin looks fresh matte, right?! Like I have no sin oils whatsoever.

The powdery finish also helps makeup to last longer too, and I love the clean feeling, a long lasting clean feeling which I did share in my insta story how it really last the whole day. My skin feels so velvety smooth the whole day like I just put on my makeup.


Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris Indonesia and Sociolla, I never know this kind of fresh matte sensation ever existed. Love you!!

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to experience a true matte foundation that made the skin feels like clean all the time.

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