Sunday, November 19, 2017

Watson Natural Balance Rose Moisture Nourishing and Lavender Hydro Soothing Shower Gels

Hello lovelies,

shower time, for me, a mom, full time mom, it's like a quick getaway. It's not just about cleaning the skin, but having that 5-10 minutes by myself, undisturbed, and perhaps unwind. Taking myself off all the chores, routine, and things needed to be done. I guess like all moms in the world, our head something filed with lists of what are the things we must do, buy, get, or our household will get crumbled. Sometime we exaggerated but sometime, it happens, if we fail to do one thing, like all the list become a mess and we have no one but ourselves to do it. We as moms have to be strong and keep moving on.

So, let's have a good shower time, whether it's a quicky or a soaking good bath time.


Watson China sells these Natural Balance products and two of them are Rose and Lavender Shower Gels. Lavender is inside a blue bottle while the Rose in brown looking one.

The first one I've tried is the rose, with subtle iconic Bulgarian rose the scent it smells amazingly romantic and calming too. Like on of those shower time where you feel like you definitely deserves a break and be pretty again. The product comes in a clear gel and lather well, it's not something that feels harsh on the skin, kinda like an naturally homemade organic products that was on the rise in the green market. The skin feels comfortable, soft and smells very good. The smell (of course) doesn't last long, more like 1-2 hours after showering on my skin, but I love how it made the skin cleans without the drying effects.

I enjoys my daily shower thanks to this baby and her sister, the lavender.


Smells like any good lavender should be, calming, unwinding, loosen and restful. It's something that I really want to use before bedtime, a lingering scent that pass me out, made me ready for a restful sleep.

The formula also a clear gel that lathers on easily on wet skin, cleans without making the skin dry too. I love this one as well and let everyone in the family uses it since it's so gentle, even for the kids.

One of the weakness in this post is that I can only review by experience, but regarding the ingredients, since it was all in Chinese, I have no clue. Hopefully nothing harmful is there.



a wonderful cleanser for the body, with amazing scent and feeling it left on the skin, clean and gentle, this is my daily sanctuary, away from the boredom of daily chores, beautiful rose and lavender hard to be missed.

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