Sunday, November 19, 2017

Vidal Sassoon Treatment Repair Cloud-Kiss Foam Conditioner

Hello lovelies,

this is truly one unique product from Vidal Sassoon. I've been using their products for quite some time, from around 20 years ago. I like their hair care as much as their tools like straightener or curler. But nowadays there are better tools yet their haircare is still very good and leading compared to most brands out there. One of them, is this conditioner mousse.


The product is called Treatment Cloud-Kiss Foam Conditioner, like it can seriously gets better than that. It represent being so airy, fluffy, and so bouncily good.

I have dry hair, ehm, severely dry hair, so I'm looking for anything that can help ease the dryness so they won't be so tangled anymore. Hair that was too dry can easily breaks too. I found many of them on my brush, so brushing them also made my hair breaks even more... I try to brush my hair less and less now.


I tried using hair mask, serum, oils, leave ins, and many many more, none really works for severely damaged hair, all I can do is smooth things out, those who own very dry hair must know how I feel.

Here's how to use the product, just shampoo, rinse and towel dry the hair. Pump a round a fist or more according to the length of the hair. Use only on the mid part of the hair and all the way to the ends.


Here's some of the details on the bottle. Ingredients are listed down here.


The way it said moisture without weight, volume without frizz really gets me, like who doesn't want all of that. We all need a soft, bouncy, shiny hair that flow like bouncing clouds. Could it be that good?


The texture is really like a mousse, fluffy white cloud that I like and comfortable with, smells so good and fragrant, even a few hours after rinsing, however the formula is not really conditioning as high as I want it too. It's light alright, but perhaps normal to dry hair can enjoy, severely dry hair is not really being helped.

Those who are looking for a non sticky, non greasy and non limp-making conditioner would love using it. The product really is weightless.



A conditioner with unique super soft airy texture that coated the hair in a gentlest way possible. Perfect for normal to dry hair and smell so fragrant, like the hair is using perfume, and the scent is a typical Vidal Sasson scent.