Wednesday, November 22, 2017

LUX Kju Missy Breezy Green Tea Fragrance Shower gel

Hello lovelies,

LUX from Unilever China launch this super cute product in one, it's a shower gel and solid perfume in one. It's a solution for those who wants their scent to last. Remember how we always told to layer the scent to make it goes deeper and of course in the end, they'll last longer? This is the same principal, and using the same scent to shower and then all day long with the perfume balm, we can.


The product comes in a box consist of a bottler with perfume balm as a lid that can be opened and inside there's a pump too, so this could be a two item separately.

The packaging is light green and the scent of this variant is green tea, so they do have other scent like rose.

The green tea reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea.


Look at the image below, just twist the cap (perfume balm) open, and put in the pump, it become like any shower gel with pump. And then carry the perfume balm anywhere we please and use it accordingly, simply use the finger and swipe the balm, rub it on the skin directly. Some may suggest to rub it on warm places near the blood circulation while some say to keep it on a cool place so the scent last longer, for me, I use them on places where I can smell them all the time, like on my under my ears and the back of my hands. So I guess, whatever works for you.


The shower gel is thick and lathers well, if it doesn't probably the skin is too dirty, re washed and experience the light bubbles with a soft green tea scent. I thought the scent would be strong but it's not, it's pretty delicate. The clean feeling is refreshing and nice, doesn't make my skin feels dry nor taut. The perfumed shower gel can be used daily or on special occasion. For me, the scent is more suitable as a daily scent, it's green floral and refreshing, it helps boost the mood when we're dull.


The texture of the balm is like any other balm out there, it's like petroleum jelly, so when used too much it will be hard to take by the skin and looks greasy, so use just enough per area. The scent last around a few hours and I can simply rub some more anytime I need the scent to linger on me. For sure, the perfume balm aroma last longer than the shower gel. It's pretty comfortable as the balm is pretty small and I can carry it everywhere.


This duo is a revolution, I'm happy to see how they create this fresh idea, I hope more and more companies develop creativity that would make daily life and chores (showering is a chore for sure) to be more fun, more exciting, and convenient.


The price is around Rp.150.000 (got mine from China), shower gel and a perfume balm in one, it's a pretty good deal.


  1. The product u review is so unique and interesting. 2 products in one. I never tried a perfume balm before. Hope it will soon available widely in indonesia because I'd like to try it too :)


    1. iya lucu ya, semoga produk2 di Indo lebih kreatif juga