Friday, April 1, 2016

Ultima II Delicate Shine Blush

Hello lovelies,

lately I've been using this amazing blush which I have been taken for granted for this past few...years. I know! I have one a few years ago and I thought I didn't like it, well actually, doesn't even give it a chance and try it, so I gave it away.

I love blushes, so I have plenty and really thought this one is not one that I will cherish, oh how wrong I am.


I have several shade of Delicate Shine Blush, the one I remember is Wine (deeper pink and red than this one) and the one I'm showing (off) right now is Sahara Rose. And I just love it.

It is pink with a hint of red and soft terracotta, but mostly it was bright reddish pink.


The packaging, details and container is suffice.

The ingredients are written clearly on the box and yes, it still contain paraben and other ingredients that won't be allowed soon worldwide due to risk of health.

I don't know what to say really, I wish I can only review products that are 100% safe, but the word 100% safe itself is kinda difficult as even the FDA will allowed parts of animals on the food if it's less than a certain percentage. So perhaps now the key is to use it as less as possible or when needed without being too much.


The result of the blush can be as faint and soft as the image above, or add layers and layers using a soft brush like the image below.

I don't use the brush inside the container, I find mine to be a lot better and finer too.


The particle of the blush is fine and beautiful. Just be careful not to press the brush too much to avoid an overuse. Add a bit of highlighter on the upper cheek before the bush for that 3D glow that works really well with the blush. Surely the Shine Blush doesn't hide shine, it complement it.


The blush last around 4-6 hours on me, easily buildable and easily clean as well with any makeup remover.

Thank you Ultima II.