Friday, April 29, 2016

Katy Perry Mad Potion

Hello lovelies,

Katy Perry recently launches another perfume called Mad Potion.

This sexy vanilla - musky composition opens with accords of vanilla orchid, peony and apple musk. The heart includes a mixture of Borbon vanilla, jasmine petals and delicate, soft musk, while the base captures oriental flavors of vanilla, amber and sexy musk.
Available as 15 and 30 ml Eau de Parfum, along with Deo Natural Spray of 75 ml, shower gel and body lotion.
Katy Perry's Mad Potion was created by Stephen Nilsen and Natasha Cote.


The bottle, the color of the stopper, the dot are all in purple and super cute. This is a perfume made for trends and uniqueness. I know that the scent must have be in sync with the design, color and shape of the product.

Definitely suitable for the young or those who are young at heart.


The perfume is bombarded by vanilla. It was wonderful, like a sweet cotton candy dream. Smooth, soft, delicate and intensely girly at the same time.

After a while, it will settle into mild floral and amber with a hint of musk.

On me the scent doesn't last that long, perhaps around 2-3 hours max.


The details on the packaging including ingredients, brand and where it was made is written clearly. The box is a cube with black and silver polka dots. Mad Potion is written in sparkly purple.


The bottle does reminds me of a potion bottle, so cute and whimsical. Like a love potion for themselves.


To appreciate, cherish, honor and feel good about one self.

A perfume that I made me feel very comfortable and sexy. It is definitely not made to last long and I do need to spray quite a bit more than other perfume, perhaps it is due to the vanilla itself that is not about power but intensity.


Thank you so much Katy Perry

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  1. UNGU! udah gitu botolnya lucu banget deh #tergoda