Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum

Hello lovelies,

are you suffering dry or dehydrated skin like me? The skin occasionally feels tight or sometime dull? Perhaps breaking off and worst shedding and feels weird like being pulled off?

Perhaps this post can help you.


A unique serum containing a high concentration of Avène Thermal Spring Water to provide long-lasting hydration and soothe dehydrated and sensitive skin, while enhancing the effectiveness of any moisturizer or treatment product applied over it.
Skin Type: Dry

•  Innovative technology traps and carries water deep into the layers of the epidermis
•  High concentration of Avène Thermal Spring Water for optimal hydration
•  Increases hydration level of the skin
•  Enhances effectiveness of any moisturizer or treatment product used afterwards
•  Pleasant fragrance tolerated by sensitive skin
•  Clinically proven to increase skin hydration by 42% after 22 days of use
•  Provides 24 hours of continuous hydration
• All skin types
• Tired, dull, lackluster skin
• Sensitive, irritated skin (redness, tightness, sunburn)
Key Ingredients Include:
• Avène Thermal Spring Water (77%)
• Liposomes (advanced technology) -  Provides prolonged delivery of Avène Thermal Spring Water
• Hydrating ingredients including glycerin
• Silicone gel - Provides silky, smooth texture for easy application 
Apply morning and/or evening to a cleansed face and neck. Follow with your daily skin care program.


I've been having dry skin as long as I remember, and those tight feeling after washing the skin with the wrong product still hurts me like a nightmare from the past. When I'm using moisturizer that simply doesn't work and it made my cheeks feels like burning, it was painful alright and I'm not happy about it.

Being a beauty blogger means I have to try many different products, some products do work, and some just a big disappointment to my dry cheeks. And aside from that, i also like to try products even if I'm not a beauty blogger haha!

And this one surely works fine and well.

The gel is milky cloudy, very comfortable to be used and made my skin drank in pure thermal spring water goodness. It doesn't leave any sticky nor greasy marks whatsoever but watery and beautiful. My skin refreshes and dewy. I enjoy the radiant glow when my skin is hydrated, not dull and easily irritated like when they are dry.

This is a serum I can use on daily basis and so far it works well with any moisturizer I have at home, day and night.

Thank you Avene Indonesia for the lovely serum that made my skin happy again.

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