Friday, April 1, 2016

Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ 50ml

Hello everyone,

this is a product from Avene which I has been using for quite some time yet somehow forgot to make a review at my blog solely for the sunscreen.

Yes, the title is correct, it is an emulsion, it is not a cream or stick or spray like other sunscreen on the market. It is in a form of an emulsion.

The color is white and the texture is like a light cream and normal, like any other lotion sunscreen. But the feeling on the skin is the one I love about.

We are spending a lot of time under the sun on daily basis, this is Jakarta after all. Yet, using a sunscreen hasn't been a habit here, but with Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ 50ml using it wont be much of a problem anymore thanks to the light and surprisingly comfortable texture.

Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ is specially formulated for hypersensitive skin, light and very fair skin; skin prone to sunburn and skin exposed to intense sunlight.
The Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ covers a very broad spectrum UV protection using a combination of exclusive active ingredients - Sunsitive protection® from Pierre Fabre Research:
-Its photoprotective complex is optimised, stable and effective for extended periods. It offers the best protection against UVB and also short and long UVA rays;
-Pre-tocopheryl, a vitamin E precursor (powerful antioxidant) protects the skin cells from free radicals;
-Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, skin benefits from its soothing and anti-irritating properties;
-The oil-regulating cucurbita pepo extract gives the skin a matte finish. Paraben free.

How to Use

Before exposure to the sun, apply the product evenly onto the skin. Re-apply sunscreen frequently, especially after swimming or prolonged periods of exposure. Avoid exposure between noon and 4pm.

And it is safe for babies too. Those delicate skin need to be protected as well and thanks to the kind formula, very sensitive skin can use it. I'm using it on the face and body too. I also put some on my kids as well whenever we are exposed by the sun, usually when going out since they usually doesn't get much exposed when inside the house and away from the window.

For a makeup user like me, the light formula is superb! It doesn't add layers that I need to watch out for and so far it gives a light dewy or moist look but very mild and almost no white cast whatsoever.

Thank you Avene Indonesia for the lovely product that works well, smells good (like a spring floral) and comfortable to be used. Definitely suitable for daily usage.

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