Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ACT (Advanced Cell Therapy) at Euroskinlab

Hello lovelies,

around a week ago, I was offered another opportunity by Euroskinlab to try on their signature treatment that was known as ACT.


ACT (Advanced Cell Therapy) 

Langkah awal Treatment ACT ini adalah Exfoliate yaitu mengangkat sel kulit mati untuk memperbaiki lapisan epidermis (texture). Kemudian Repair, yang berguna untuk memperbaiki lapisan dalam kulit dan fokus pada masalah utama (structure). Langkah terakhir adalah Maintain untuk mempertahankan texture dan structure kulit tetap dalam kondisi terbaik.
Selanjutnya dilakukan adalah Infusion System Generation yang di dalamnya terdapat tiga tahap yaitu Ionthophoresis, bertujuan untuk memasukan infusion system sebesar 800.000 Dalton ke dalam kulit. Setelah itu langkah yang ke dua adalah Electroporation dengan menggunakan energy electricity mengubah kualitas serum A+ menjadi A- yang kemudian memasukan 1.000.000 Dalton. Terakhir adalah Dermo-Electroporation tanpa mengubah apapun bentuk dari kualitas serum, tetapi memasukan 1,5-3 juta Dalton.

Dengan ACT (Advanced Cell Therapy), kulit mampu menyerap Collagen lebih utuh (1,5 sampai 3 juta Dalton) dibandingkan dengan teknologi perawatan kulit lainnya.
ACT serum ini terdapat lima hal yang dapat merubah wajah menjadi lebih baik. Yang pertama ialah Collagen Infusion, keuntungannya adalah melembabkan dan meningkatkan Collagen. Kedua adalah G5 Growth Factor, keuntungannya adalah meregenerasi sel kulit dan memperbaiki kualitas Fibroblast. Ketiga adalah Whitening, manfaatnya adalah mencerahkan dan menyamarkan Pigmentasi. Keempat adalah Acne, manfaat dari Acne ini adalah mengontrol sebum dan mengurangi jerawat. Kelima adalah Energizing cell bertujuan untuk mempercepat regenerasi kulit.
Untuk masalah kantong mata ACT Eye Serum juga dapat mengurangi tampilan kantung mata dan mengurangi lingkar hitam pada mata.
ACT merupakan layanan yang berkualitas tinggi yang bisa Anda dapatkan hanya di EUROSKINLAB®.


Above is my skin before the treatment, the room is clean and cozy, I love the comfortable ambiance, the room is not big, but it'll do.


After getting ready, I was told that my skin need to be properly cleaned and the blackheads plus one acne to be extracted. I was in horror mode. And it was pretty painful, I can't stand it and ask the extraction to be stop half way.

And I'm not the kind of person that thinks extraction is needed, I spoke with many beauty experts and dermatologists too that aside from extractions, there are other ways dealing with black heads and acne. Especially acne, it is wiser to let them heal first. Since no one told me that I can't have the treatment while there's an acne, I hope this post helps anyone who wants to get treatments at Euroskinlab to wait until there's none.


After the gruesome minutes of taking those black heads and one acne, yes, I only have one acne, since I ask the therapist to stop, she put some watery lotion on cotton pads to be placed on the areas that has just been extracted. I am very sensitive in terms of pain and seems to have very sensitive skin too,

For other it might not be as painful as me :D


After that the whole process is a breeze and I pretty much enjoys the anti inflammation lamp to reduce the chance of any negative effects from the extraction.


Followed by the actual ACT treatment which involves serums and this toll connected to the machine that deliver electric motions and feeling on to my skin. It is definitely not painful but it kept me alert as I have never try anything like this.


There are different kinds of serums, mine is energizing (suitable for dry skin), there's one for acne skin, whitening and anti aging. You can choose one according to your skin type and needs. 

Each treatments consist of several serums combined, here's mine:


And the tool I was talking about that connected to the machine.


The finishing touch is the mask. A creamy white mask. Calming, comfortable and kinda relaxing.


The therapist also provide me with beauty tips and the conversation went on smoothly, she seems to be confident in what she is doing and understand just about anything in the clinic. She knows all the treatments, methods and handle my skin quite well (apart from the extraction) she is gentle enough on my upper cheeks area.


When finish she applied moisturizer and sunscreen, my skin feels moist then hence you can see my video on Euroskinlab official instagram with my candid testimonial (haha!) with my face just wakes up from the treatment.

On the next day the skin feels so dry, I add hydrating serums and use heaps of watery masks and it took me 2-3 days to get the dryness heal. There's no flaking skin nor overly dry skin, just some stings felt on the upper cheeks, perhaps due to the many movement or wiping on those areas, do take note that my upper cheeks are super sensitive that others won't probably feel the same.



a fast treatment that boost up skin condition in a very short time. Perhaps more suitable for those with normal to oily skin type and not really for very dry skin. Still, I can't deny the fresh look it gives to my skin, like it does appear younger, skincare can be absorbed better and the skin do feel smoother as well. There are a bit of pros and cons like the extraction before the ACT, but the ACT treatment itself is faultless, I want to try the anti aging as well.

Thank you Euroskinlab for the experience.

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