Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Clinique Face Forward

Hello lovelies,

Clinique has just share with us their recent campaign #FaceForwardID.

4 non celebrities with remarkable achievements are chosen to be the ambassador. Inspirational, young, and surely face forward.


Before the event started, all of us can have a skin check, trying and testing on their products and playing with the cosmetics too.

Since Clinique puts their skin safety first, skincare is the first with their 3 steps skincare routine.

Do have your skin tested and see what kinds of products suits you.


Mine is combination to dry. There's products specially made for skin like mine, and probably yours too.

Skincare is the base for your skin health and beauty, so do use the correct ones.


Soon the event at Kota Kasablanka Atrium is started with the Brand Manager of Clinique Indonesia share her excitement about how they choose, meet and finally making the video with all 4 of them. Unfortunately, during the event, only three came.


Aprishi Allita, yoga teacher and anti bullying activist. She also have a website set for anyone who are being bullied, it is a site to help each other and support, you can go to

One male participate, he is Febrian, a traveler who once love going abroad so much and now turn his head to see the beauty of Indonesia. Sharing his passion to Indonesia's tourism and actively involved in sharing about Indonesia on his social medias.

And then Nyimas Laula, a photojournalist that has passion in humanism through her images. She goes to places that we might find uncomfortable and perhaps difficult. As a woman and at her age, she manage to overcome the struggle by pushing boundaries.


And one question they have for us, have we find our passion?


I have a passion for beauty, skincare, anything that involve with the word beauty and it's cosmetic world. I become so alive when talking about beauty products to just about anyone. Having a blog on my own, and able to speak my mind freely on what I see in a product despite what everyone's or perhaps the brand's think is pretty much much a liberating experience for me. I might not saving lives, but I might save someone from acne once in a while.


So how about you? Have you find something to be passionate about? What drives you, motivate you when you get up in the morning, what makes you smile and opens up? Go for it, and face forward!

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