Friday, April 1, 2016

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser

Hello everyone!!

this is a fresh item I get yesterday from an event with Avene. It's their Extremely Gentle Cleanser. This is like the item I have been eyeing, simple because I have several people live in my home who happen to have either sensitive skin or too young to use conventional products sold in the market.

As cleanser itself is pretty crucial for daily needs, anyone should always use it to help clean their skin. Body soap is definitely too harsh and many foaming facial foam on the market is definitely not suitable as it contain too many chemicals and a lot of them even harmful.

Gentle no-rinse cleanser formulated with minimal ingredients for maximum tolerance. Patented active ingredient PARCERINE® reduces skin reactivity so the plant-based cleansing agent is well-tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. Can be used for face and eyes.
Skin Type: Intolerant

  • • Formulated with minimal ingredients for maximum tolerance
  • • Thoroughly cleanses without stripping the skin
  • • Suitable for the eye area
  • • Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe,soften and calm the skin
  • • Only 11 ingredients
  • • Allergic reactions to fragrance,colorants, and/or other cosmetic ingredients
  • • Burning, stinging, itching, irritation, dryness
    Key Ingredients Include:
  • • PARCERINE® - Reduces skin reactivity and guarantees longlasting protection by restoring the hydrolipidic barrier
  • • Plant-based derived cleansing agents - Enables effective cleansing and make-up removal
  • • Apply with a cotton pad or with fingertips in a gentle circular motion.
  • • Gently tissue off without rubbing.
  • •  Finish the cleansing process with a mist of AvèneThermal Spring Water, followed by Skin Recovery Cream.

I love it!!

It is really gentle and unlike other cleanser that takes everything including skin natural moisture, this one actually gives back. There's this gel creamy texture that feels fresh and very comfortable on the skin.

Safe to be used around the eyes and just about any part of the skin. Made for sensitive to very sensitive skin like after over exposure by the sun, burnt skin, severe allergic reaction to any other form of skin's problem that occur to abnormality.


The packaging and container is filled with details, do read everything before using. You'll find list of ingredients, tips to how to use.

The container is a clear plastic bottle, since it is clear, as usual, kept it away from direct sunlight.


The tip open easily and just press a little for the product to comes out. Use a cotton pad to help distribute the formula on the skin and it will take daily debris, sweat, dirt, and partial makeup.


I do a simple test using waterproof and water resistant makeup to see whether it can clean them all of not.


There are eyeliners and liquid lipsticks. All of them are water resistant, some are super waterproof.


I put some of the cleanser on top of the swatches, spread and let it rest for a while, give them time to break the particles.

And then use the cotton pad that already moisten with the cleanser as well to swipe it off, expecting a clean finish but seems like Extremely Gentle Cleanser can't remove makeups that are waterproof.


Products that are water resistant can be taken off but as seen, even after rubbing, the waterproof products stays.


A product that is made true to it's form, clean the skin and extremely gentle. As very sensitive skin usually doesn't use hard core makeup, hence the product is also not made to deal with it.

Perfect for those suffering from intolerable skin, like very sensitive and can't even tolerate most chemicals and other products.

I'm using it as a cleanser in the morning or whenever I'm not using makeup. If I happen to use makeup, just use a makeup remover to remover waterproof makeup and follows by Extremely Gentle Cleanser.

Suitable for everyone, even babies.
Last but not least,remember to always use it on a dry skin.

Thank you Avene Indonesia.

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