Monday, April 18, 2016

Juara Eye Cream Press Conference

Hello lovelies,

A few days ago I went into Juara's press event for their lovely eye cream made from miracle tea.

It was a special event since the lady behind Juara itself came and she share with us the reasons behind the eye cream, her thoughts and answer all our curiosity regarding her products.


The team from Juara skincare first share with everyone including customers and medias the sciences behind Juara Miracle Tea Eye Cream, how it was made and hoe they get there.

The main ingredients is the miracle tea itself or known as the tea that has many properties, known for its being healthy, universal and known for generations especially in the eastern tradition.


Perhaps the society already know the wide benefit from teas, from antioxidant, anti inflammation properties, to cooling, soothing and even a safer for the eyes area to look fresher, de-puffing, and less dark circles.

Now, comes in a simple form of a cream with other beneficial ingredients, Juara gathered and made one formula with the title of 'complete' as it caters all the problems that may occur near the eyes. It help the blood circulates better as it helps to brighten the dark eye circle, it helps de-puffing when revitalizing, reduce the fine lines as it moisturizes and moisten the skin as well.

The kombucha or miracle tea helps with the anti aging properties, it made the eyes area look younger all in the same time.


Metta, one of the founder (Indonesian) when answering questions from bloggers and media. Her focus is on the skincare and that would be the company's plan for now and at least for their short term goals. For those who are looking for a makeup made by Juara will just has to wait.

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