Friday, April 29, 2016

Brighter Skin with Vitacreme B12

Hello everyone,

Recently Sociolla sent me their beauty box, and this time it contain products that help brighten up the skin tone, making them looking fairer, less dark spots and contain sun protection as well to keep fair skin away from skin irritation, sun burn to eventually leads to darker skin.


I've review them one by one some time ago when they are sent by Vitacreme B12.

Here's the post for VitaBlanc:

And the post for the Day Cream:

As both of them play an equal part in helping and keeping the skin fair they are actually work best when used on different time according to my experience.

Vita Blanc are a brightening product that best to be used during the night as it help skin to regenerate, ease out the dark skin spots and eventually with the calming and anti inflammation ingredients that might work best when we sleep.

For me, I prefer using moisturizer with plenty of hydration during the day to keep my skin moist. Jakarta is hot and the air con also contribute making the skin dry, I use a serum that promote hydration, moisturizer with the same function as keeping my skin moist and top it off with the Day Cream as it contain the sunscreen my skin needs during the day. It has SPF 30+++ UVA and UVB solar filters and a good staying power for the day.

I use the Day Cream right before make up.


I'm using Vita Blanc on my body as well, like the arms and legs, or areas that are darker since they are exposed to the sun. It does helps them as well.

For the face, some people may have different reaction to the product, especially Vita Blanc, this is actually pretty common since we do have different skin type, allergies and condition. Do pay attention to the skin and what it needs, when using new product try to see the differences and allergic reaction. Stop when you think it is not comfortable, when you see visible redness, acne or purging.

When using (any) skincare, always use it on a clean skin with clean hands as well.

Bright skin doesn't always means white, it means that you have a clear healthy skin that glows with radiance.

Thank you Sociolla, these babies are available at Sociolla. Use CAR50 during check out for a purchase of Rp.200.000 and above for a Rp.50.000 discount.

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