Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Avene Skin Recovery Cream D.E.F.I.

Hello lovelies,

those who have sensitive skin and tired of the endless torment from products, daily lifestyle to event hormonal issues and want a relieve to their skin. This is probably your match.


Completely sterile re-balancing, soothing and protective care for hypersensitive and irritated skin. Reduces skin reactivity and guarantees long-lasting protection by restoring the skin's natural barrier. Moisturizes while calming irritation. Cosmetic industry's FIRST 100% sterile skin care line formulated without preservatives or fragrances to offer complete tolerance and safety for all allergy-prone skin types. The highly-technical, patented D.E.F.I. (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity) delivery system allows the formula to be completely sterile and safe for the entire use of the product with no risk of retro-contamination. Fragrance free. Preservative Free. Colorant Free.

Skin Type: Intolerant

  • • Formulated with minimal ingredients for maximum tolerance
  • • Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe,soften and calm the skin
  • • Only 12 ingredients

  • • Allergic reactions to fragrance, colorants, and/or other cosmetic ingredients
  • • Burning, stinging, itching, irritation, dryness

    Key Ingredients Include:
  • • PARCERINE® - Reduces skin reactivity and guarantees longlasting protection by restoring the hydrolipidic barrier
  • • Plant squalane - Protects skin’s barrier
  • • Glycerin (6%) - Moisturizes

  • • Apply to face and neck after cleansing with Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion.

Used with other products from Avene such as the cleanser and thermal spring water, the products works hand in hand to help heal or at least gives comfort for the skin in need.


The product comes in a tube, but unlike any other ordinary tube, it is a sterile tube with clever design that closes when not in use.

The details regarding the product is available on the packaging and tube. From how to, ingredients list and they also come in many different language.

Since this is for a very sensitive skin, alcohol is not one of the ingredients.


Click on any image for larger and clearer view.


I have been trying, using and testing this product on myself and those surround me.

It works!

I have a mild sensitive skin, especially on the upper cheeks, the cream pretty much heals everything it touches.

And what happen the other days really wonderful as my dad suffers from irritations and signs of prolonged allergic reactions as skin under his ears and almost to the necks are swollen on both sides. He feels itchy every night and after cleansing. It became so red and bumpy. 

He changes his soap and shampoo into baby's and the problem still occur. Baby's product sold in Indonesia still contain many known harmful chemicals hence probably why his skin is still angry.

So i try cleansing the area with Extremely Gentle Cleanser followed by Recovery Cream. During cleansing, I can see that his skin is rather dirty even after showering. After making sure that his skin is clean then the cream can be applied, the process was comfortable for him, but when the cream is applied, he felt a tingling sensation. Not pain, nor burning, just tingling and his swollen skin reduced overnight. Making his skin feels comfortable again.

It took him days to fully recover but a single applied has made a significant differences, especially the part where the irritated skin looks less agitated, no longer itchy, and visibly calmer.


Definitely a product worth recommending for.

And this is the tip that I mentioned above, the part where the container is sterile and perfect for irritated skin since it reduced the chance of contamination by far.


When I pressed on the tube, it will open and the creams will come out, once I let go off the pressure, it will closed again like shown on the images.


Thank you Avene Indonesia for the amazing product that works like a charm. It heals, cleans and made skin feels like itself again. The super gentle formula calms and moisturizes the skin in need like no others.

The genius container are an assurance  that the cream wont be adding extra germs and bacteria to the infected areas.

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