Monday, April 25, 2016

Beauty Barn All Natural Hydrating Face Cream

Hello lovelies,

these are the babies from Beauty Barn.

A brand that is made by a mom who loves her kids so much, that she made all of her kids toiletries using only natural ingredients that doesn't contain known harmful chemicals.

This is one of the best seller, All Natural Hydrating Face Cream that can be used to both kids and adult alike.


On the image above, beside the face cream there's a new product called tooth gel.

The tooth gel will be shared on a separate post.


All the ingredients are written on the packaging.

Unlike most products sold on the market, Beauty Barn paid special care on the ingredients. Carefully read the ingredients listed on your baby or kid's product, if you see paraben in any form, sodium lauryl sulphate, mineral oil, do try to avoid using it as it is not safe to be used.

You'll be shocked to know that many of those ingredients are already banned in Europe as they are linked to skin cancer and other form of skin irritation and allergies.


The Face Cream made by Beauty Barn are safe to be used, comfortable, and hydrate the skin in the comfortable way. It soothes, soften and help the young skin to stay protected from dryness. Adults can also use it and enjoy the natural benefits from the ingredients.

The cream is like a lotion in texture and smells very good thanks to the essential oils used. It was fragrant but definitely not overwhelming. For  my dry skin, the cream is light and easily absorbed but the moisturizing effect doesn't last long, I have to reapply around 4 hours or so. This is made for baby and young kids as their skin is definitely not as dry as mine.

For the kids, twice a day is definitely enough, I don't apply the cream everyday on my kids as Jakarta is pretty much damp, so it was used when needed only. During traveling to dryer climate the Face Cream is a saver, it help the skin to stay moist but not clogging, greasy nor oily.

Other skin condition that might happen like a mild scratch, minor sun burn, to patches of dryness can see significant effects in using the Face Cream.

Thank you Beauty Barn Indonesia, please do keep making awesome products for the baby, kids and adults too, would love to see the Face Cream is larger container.

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