Monday, April 25, 2016

Beauty Barn Tooth Gel

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as mentioned on my previous post, the tooth gel from Beauty Barn will be shared on different post, this one is the post.

Parents must have know that babies and young kids can sometime eat whatever offered to them , including tooth paste. A lot of these products on the market clearly marked with "Do not swallow" instruction as it was not made to be consume, perhaps it contain detergent or other ingredients.

Again, sadly but true, many products in Indonesia are not really safe to be used moreover consume. A lot of them are products for babies and kids.

It's a good thing that brands like Beauty Barn are here.


There are edible tooth gel on the market as well, and they are kinda pricey. Imported products are usually very good, but not really available nationwide nor easily available.

I hope Beauty Barn become more accessible nationwide with a more friendlier price as well.


As usual, the ingredients are listed on the packaging. The tooth gel is made for teeth, gum and tongue. Use it with a tooth brush made for their special needs (according to their age) and brush gently.

The gel doesn't create much foam like tooth paste with detergent but it gives the babies and kids that mild fresh scent. I think the main important part of the tooth gel is to create the right acidity in the mouth to help prevent tooth decay.

Brush their teeth, gum and tongue twice a day to keep their oral hygiene at best.


The gel is light in texture and kinda runny. At first, my baby doesn't really like the taste, after a few days, she got used to it and use it on daily basis now.

It can also be used as a mouthwash. Dissolve the gel on a clean water, rinse the mouth with it for a few times. I use this method for my older kid as she can use regular toothpaste, but I want her mouth to be safe from the detergents and other 'leftovers' from the toothpaste, plus the natural ingredients from the Tooth Gel by Beauty Barn is beneficial for the oral hygiene as it made the mouth less acid hence it helps the teeth stays protected better without using harsh chemicals like most mouth wash that contain alcohols.


Thank you so much Beauty Barn Indonesia.

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