Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boul Mich

As an opener after my trip to Japan, yes, I've been in Tokyo last week and stay in Shinagawa area, let me give you something sweet first, I will also keep on posting about my trip there and some details needed if you wanna go there as well. So let's begin with Boul Mich. Boul Mich is patisserie from France, the selection of desserts is just superb and 5 star class. But one particular item did caught my eyes.

Looks like big colorful sugar cubes, but somehow seen spongy as well. I bought a couple of them since I just can't resist the color. Little that I know my friend whose been staying in Japan later on told me it was marshmallow. But the taste is beyond any marshmallow.

You can choose many different flavors accordingly, since I know nothing about their language, I choose based on color that interest me most, blue, pink and purple, all in pastel.

The blue one is tangy, gooey and spongy in the same time, it taste refreshing and so good. You feels like you drink a juice that made out of grapefruit (perhaps?) and unlike marshmallow that sweet and feels like eating a cloud, this one is like a mixed of 20% jelly. Must try! My hubby whose not a sweet tooth owner loves it as well.

The Purple one is refreshing as well in a sense of berry feeling. Sweet but not as sweet as the pink one. The pink one is strawberry, perfect for a girl who likes her things sweet as sweets can be.

Whenever possible, try 'em!

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