Friday, January 20, 2012

Perfect Whip Foam by Shiseido

One thing about traveling is that I usually don't bring anything that I could buy on destination. Japan is known for their beauty products and it's my chance to try some. I bought Perfect Whip Foam by Shiseido due to the perfect whip it claims to have. We all know that in the cleansing foam business, the foam that does the job done, so we do need a perfect one.

The white paste texture is thick alright but easily lathered up into a foam that feels dense. Usually this kind of type will dries up my skin for sure, but I found this one not so bad. It cleanse but still left some moisture on to my face. Suitable for my combination skin where the oils from the nose is bothersome and the dryness of the cheek is just irritating.

Still I bought these cute foam maker (as you can see they do have a lot) to help me create MORE foam that I can possibly have. Now I feel like a true Japanese girls.


  1. ah I envy you so muchh.. I want go to japan too :(
    Anyway thanks for the review :)

  2. Hi Shasha,

    Just GO! Many budget airlines are available now, find a low season and go ^^, I will deliberate more the details for lady solo traveler soon ^^

    1. You should write about that!
      I always love your tips!

  3. Thanks Shasha,

    Already post it here:

    But more coming up soon ^^