Sunday, January 1, 2012

Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream

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Why Do I need Garnier Light Overnight peeling fairness cream?

        Away from external aggression, night is the ideal time to reinforce whitening action. Light overnight cream has special natural micro peeling fruit extracts that help peel away dark cells and lighten the skin while you sleep
        Your day cream should be design for the harsh outdoors. During the day use Light daily moisturiser SPF 15, which provides protection from UVA & UVB rays, and helps prevent appearance of dark spots.


In the morning, your skin is fresh and fairer.
Skin looks fairer in 28 days, dark spots reduce.

My review:

The thick white cream feels, well, thick and rich as well. The scent if fresh and a bit citrus-ey.

The range itself is made for:

Its unique formular blends a moisturising cream with selected acive ingredients

    Pure Lemon Essence & Vitamin C to clarify & smoothen skin . Long Dan extract to help slow down skin darkening . Glycerin to moisturise and comfort the skin. UVA & UVB's to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun

So, you do know it's for lightening. Me, myself is not a fan of lightening product since some do cause a reaction which is more damaging than helping my skin. But, I find a way, it's called DON'T OVER DO it. 

The peeling itself is okay, but remember you need protection from the sun when the younger skin beneath is exposed. So please do use sun protection during the day.

Now back to product review, I find the cream is helpful for peeling but I'm not recommending you to use it daily, try once a week at first and see what it does to your skin. My skin can not take it daily, twice a week is maximum.

In the morning, like other user have share their thoughts, you'll find dead skin and you can easily clean it up, so please avoid scrub and rubbing it too hard. Use only gentle cleanser and moisturizer with SPF. Last but not least if your face can not take it, use it for your body instead, I love how it help my heels and elbows become softer and smoother too.

Now for the body, I find them okay to be used often, let's say 3-4 times a week ^__^


  1. I use this cream and whenever i do i get this itchy feeling in the area where i put it. Is it still safe to put this cream?

  2. hi Anon,

    there's a possibility you are allergic or sensitive to one or two of the ingredients in it. Please refrain yourself from using it if the problem gets worse, like burning sensation.


  3. Did you have to use it every single night before you're going to sleep or?

  4. Hi anon,

    i think it was stated on my review not to put it every night.

  5. Can I use this in a day time when not going out? I don't like to apply day cream, coz it left a white cast.

  6. Hi Anon,

    No, the product is not recommended to be use on day time.

    Use different brand of day cream which doesn't gives you white cast.

  7. Is it will be suitable for an acne prone skin? I am afraid if I use this product, acne will grow on my face as a result for using this product T_T Bytheway, do you have any suggestions on any product that can be used to keep acne away effectively?

  8. Hmm, if your skin is sensitive and acne prone, I suggest to try a little bit by asking samples directly to the company.

    Secondly, to find out the cure or solution to your problem, a consultation is necessary. Whether it is hormonal, genetic, or cause by daily habit. It took different approach.

    Please do visit store such as Kiehl's or Clinique where the staffs should be qualified to help you out. And then give samples which you could try before making any purchasing. Or visit a good dermatologist.

  9. actually peeling cream side effect are itching burning n dryness . those can disappear as ur skin adapted by time..the symptoms u all have are not necessarily always allergic reaction. u can try reducing the amount or as Mrs.Carnellin said, reduce the frequency. and peeling cream surely can't be used in wiunds or inflammed skin such as acne. i wish my explanation helps u all