Sunday, January 22, 2012

The New Dove Nourishing Oil Care

 On 21st of January 2012, I was invited by Dove for a lunch in Koi Kemang. Bloggers are gathered for the new range in town, Dove Nourishing Oil Care, for deep nourishment of dry hair and turns an unmanageable mess into a supportive friend in a soft, smooth and frizz-free hair.

The event still empty even though it's way pass the time, hmm, we do need to learn appreciating each other better here.

On the table near the slides are the newest range, crafted in a more luxurious packaging of white and gold.

Then around 1 PM, we are starting while having a delicious lunch provided for us.

Dove begin the slides with how the damage begins, and it began with a dry hair. The one that come naturally and the one that come from the environment and the one that was done by our self. Coloring, changing the natural texture with chemical or daily habits, hair dryer and poor regime that doesn't use the correct products that help caring your hair.

Dove are here for the damaged hair. And help prevented the hair from being damaged as well. It's not a secret that I also use some of Dove's product for my hair such as the mask and overnight treatment, but this one is new and I'm curious as well.

Beside the usual shampoo and conditioner plus serum, they also have intense conditioner.

It comes in 2 tones. Use it like once or twice a week.

Deeper healing with the mask. I really like the new packaging, it looks edgy and cool heehee ^___^

Oh yes, the trio that help us through all these lunch time is, Brand Manager of Dove, Ms. Maria, Mr. Jerry the hairdresser and Ms. Maia (user of Dove for 6 years).

We all share our experiences, asks questions for the sake of our hair, tips and tricks as well. I must say, Dove took criticism very well too. So, do join their facebook page and ask around, learn how to use their product correctly, such as NEVER put conditioner on your scalp or even near it, and you never know, you might be an expert for your own hair ^___--

Last but not least all of us went back with the new range of Dove, will definitely review the products soon, stay tune, okay?!

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