Thursday, January 19, 2012

POLA Body Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner (in Royal Jelly) and Hand Soap

Staying in Japan's hotel almost always means toiletries is provided, so you really don't have to bring soaps, shampoo, etc. Sleeping robe is provided as well and as the Japanese hardly do thing half and half, the whole heartedly items provided from 3-4 stars hotel is sure to be a quality one.

Staying in Shinagawa Prince Hotel I'm able to try on POLA's stuff. This is not my first time using POLA, but my first time writing about it. The product is still in the affordable range, but I can't say I see them outside of Japan as many as I see other brands expanding. But based on my experience the product is definitely not bad.

The shampoo can cleans my hair and scalp well, without striping the moisture off. Somehow it gives the hair a full body feeling without weighting them down. The conditioner is light but still way better than common brand's conditioner, the hair does become smooth and tangle free.

The body soap is gentle, it does the cleansing with no drying. The hand soap also nice, with pumping device and formula that is perfect for winter.

For the scent-wise, it's mild (all of them) and can't really say a thing about it, winter does blocked my nose a bit heehee. All I can say is they smell good, a bit honey, flowery and a hint of a delicate summer breeze.


  1. I was just in Japan and I used this shampoo at a few hotels. It made my hair look so thick and shiny. I wanted to bring some back home, but couldn't find any in the stores and I still can't find it online. Any idea where I can buy some?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    In Shinagawa Prince hotel at the souvenir shop they sell a bottle for 1500 Yen. Shinagawa Prince Hotel located near Shinagawa St ^^

    But I think I saw their counter near a department store (beauty floor) in Shibuya.

  3. I used it in Sunshine City Price Hotel in Ikebukuro too. I saw the notice in the toilet that can purchase form the hotel. However I was busy checking out and forgot all about it. I saw this brand in Seibu Ikebukuro but I don't think they carry the shampoo and conditioner, only cosmetics. If anyone knows where to buy this online, pls let me know.

  4. Hi Anon,

    Apparently POLA is sold all over the world incl USA, Canada, almost the whole Asia, Australia, NZ, and even Russia. But store wise, clueless.

  5. me and my mom in law also fall in love with the shampoo and conditioner, but too bad the hotel i stayed not selling to us. do u have any idea where can i buy the shampoo & conditioner in singapore or malaysia?

  6. Hi Chong Yee Chin,

    I know right? They have a wide variety of series too but unfortunately so far I can only found them in Japan.

  7. Very nice shampoo its a one shampoo with large hair therapies solution..