Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter with Kiehl's and Meet Bones San

Konnichiwaaaa , hi everybody, here are some scenes when I'm in Shibuya, Tokyo, looking for some stuff to buy, yes shopping is my middle name. Walking around with my friend Shirly (she lives in Japan) whose been suffering with dry skin, I did notice her skin cracked under the cold winter days where it's really dry. So, I told her about Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream.

Just near Hachiko, there's a mall you couldn't hardly missed, go inside and in the beauty dept. you'll found Kiehl's next to fancl. The layout is pretty much the same like the one in Indonesia and Singapore. The KCR's are friendly and accomodating, their english might not be perfect, but they will be sure to help you out in anyway possible.

So after explaining to her the power of Ultra Facial Cream ^^ I let her take her own time, it's up to her whether she wanna buy or not, and people do need to take time and consult. And gives me time to look around as well.

I took a pic with Bones San aka Mr. Bones heehee. And found more interesting things there.

The mission of Kiehl's is there in every store but you fight found something a bit different . . .

The cause. Each community needs different help, and here they also made a the packaging of Ultra Facial Cream accordingly. 3 in exact. You can click on the image for bigger view and there's a note there saying 'Kiehl's For Japan'.

And after I finished strolling around and taking pictures, my friend bought something for herself a package of 5000 Yen filled with Ultra Facial Cream's products and samples of the serums, vit c and their newest Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

Then she immediately uses the product and from the first try her skin is glowing with the moisture it deserves. Now a week has passed and she is loving it. I'm glad I can help her out. Dry skin can be painful and the irritation can lead to more problems. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream can help the skin retain the moisture for 24 hours and help the skin gain their elasticity. Result: The skin looks healthy and feels so comfortable.

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