Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Details of Dove Bloggers Luncheon

Here are the details, strictly CoPas from the info given:

Topic: “Managing your dry and unmanageable hair”


·         Adina Tontey, Brand Manager Dove Shampoo

·         Maia Estyanti, Brand Ambassador Dove

·         Jerry Pravda, Professional Hair Sylist

About Dove Nourishing Oil Care:

·         Created for those who have dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair

·        Benefit

o   Blend of sweet almond oil & coconut oil that penetrates hair to nourish better. It replaces hair natural lipids to reduce protein loss

o   Leaves a very thin surface film that prevents moisture loss BUT does not feel greasy

o   Almond oil contains very high levels of Omega 9 that re-build cellular structure of damaged hair to repair surface roughness

o   it gives deep nourishment of dry hair and turns an unmanageable mess into a supportive friend

·         Product Range:

o   Shampoo

o   Conditioner

o   Daily Treatment Conditioner

o   Treatment Mask

o   Nourishing Oil Care Serum


  1. wah! banyak orang! banyak bloggers di jakarta sekarang?

  2. Really? Masih kurang banyak ah! Perlu ditingkatkan nih ^___^