Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Waxed at Waxing Corner and Kiehl's

I just have my waxed done yesterday at Waxing Corner, I get my voucher by some time ago. And finally able to use it, I am kinda busy lately, next week I'm going to have a short holiday (short means a week) abroad. Visa is needed, so I'm juggling with documents and everything in between.

I've been using DealKeren for quite sometime now and haven't found any problems like others do, but do check around and contact them directly when problems occurred.

Okay back to Waxing Corner, I went there yesterday and sorry no pic was taken, you can take a look at Waxing Corner at the link I gave you up there from And pretty much like that and really is like a corner for being compact.

The room is clean but the front staff is rather ignorant, she just sat down and using blanket regardless of customers. There are 2 staffs inside, front staff and the one that waxed me. The experience? Ouch! So painful, really. I've done mine at Pink Parlour before and the experience there is much more pleasing. I think skill is playing a very important role here. You need to get it right, right speed, right method and products used as well. Do I recommend Waxing Corner for Brazilian wax? No. Under arm? Still okay.

But overall the experience is not pleasing. I still have sore skin 6 hours after the waxed while in Pink Parlour is just an hour. Pink Parlour also have series of skin care that we can buy and really effective in calming the skin and protecting from ingrown. In Waxing Corner they don't have it for sale, and the product doesn't really works on me since the redness and pain is still there, until I went home and use Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Skin Salve.

I love this product even more now. It's just soothed the skin and I can sleep comfortably at night thanks for it. Yes, the wax somehow made my skin irritated and small movement can leads to more paint, so Kiehl's SRASS help the friction feels a lot less and my skin are not angry anymore. Next time I have a wax, I'll bring it along as well. Now, my skin are happy again, I'll keep using Kiehl's SRASS for a day or two, just to be save ^__^

I've done a review on this product before: but I guess I found another good excuse to keep using it and loving it.

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