Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fiber Wig Extra Long (Imju)

I know Fiber Wig years and years ago but yet only now I have to urge to have one, so when I'm walking around in Tokyo and inside Matsumoto I get myself one of there.

They have brown, black, small and regular sizes. My friend also using this product for a period of time and said it was good, in terms of waterproof. But for her it's not long enough, little that she knows that this product can be use repeatedly until it was long enough ^___^

This is my before look and I didn't use any tools like eye lash curler either, so you'll know the exact effect.

This is the type that I bought, an extra long in black.

Using the product is really a breeze and love how the liquid turns into lashes, it creates some kind of gluey string that stays, it added a couple of millimeters to my lashes with 4 times application, can I go on and on? Sure can!

I use it on my top and down lashes. For me the close up look is not that important, why? Who would ever see you in such close up, normally people will see you in normal position like below pic ^^

This is my final use of using the product, longer lashes like I have extensions on. Love how it stays and easily clean with warm water. Like a dried glue, there will be black strings that coated and lengthen your lashes that falls from your lashes, it is normal and NOT your natural lashes.

As the product is perfect to be use in Japan but as always, for use in hot and humid place like Jakarta a bit of them will drop, not smudge, drop like bits of pieces of strings. But if you stays on air conditioned room all the time, it'll be fine. Compared with other waterproof mascara? I found Fiber Wig to be 5 star in terms of waterproof, solid black color, and gives additional length to the lashes + affordable price too.

Watch me on Youtube for Fiberwig Paint -On False Lashes Extra Long

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