Friday, January 27, 2012

MAQUI MIRACLE 12hr Long-Lasting Compact Review

I've been having MAQUI Miracle Compact for quite some time thanks to Lancome Indonesia, but due to numerous powder I have I'm thinking of using the one I have first for the sake of shell life and hygiene, but then again, when will I have the chance to try it? It would be a long due product by then.

So, I try it during my trip in Tokyo. Traveling is always my reason on trying new stuff ^___^ why? My skin usually more vulnerable, I'm more cranky and fussy, plus I need to go out everyday. That's all gives me a very good reviewing points of view. I need to use the product on daily basis and it need to stand throughout my not-so-normal days.

The packaging is indeed luxurious and any gal feels like they want to show it in public. The wide mirror is a definite advantage and the dual sponge that softer on the other side perfect for the finishing touch. One minor issue, the BA gave me the wrong tone, it's a bit (really a bit but I can notice it) too yellowishly dark for me. But other than that, it all went great.

The formula is wonderful, it is airy and the smooth, flawless look really stay long hours. During the winter in Tokyo it stays all day long, yes, 12 hour, from the moment I walk out my hotel room at 9 AM all the way until 9 PM, it really stays and helps everything on my face stays as well.

The SPF 35/PA+++ also handy during lazy days using sun protection. But, how does it in tropical city like Singapore? From Tokyo my flight arrived in Singapore, and I stayed there for 2 nights.

First of all, the powder does sweat-proof and sebum resist all throughout my days in Singapore. But, take note that during application your face need to be clean and dry. If you're like me, easily sweats after taking a shower or a bath you need to turn on air conditioner or relax a bit while toner-serum-moisturizer works their way on your skin.

If you don't let your face dry first, t will be blotchy, so take your time. Sometime in Jakarta, when I'm rushing, after putting all the skincare, I use the makeup in the car, why? Air conditioner ^___^

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