Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Advanced Night Repair and Me

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair has been with me for these past 3 years. I can say it has stayed with me through the ups and downs of my skin's condition. The formula is universal, I've used it for my self, my husband and even other family member and we all have different skin concerns.

So when Estee Lauder Singapore gave us a chance to share a testimonial regarding the product, I'm happily take part, here's what I say:

"I have known about Estee Lauder's famous ANR since more than 20 years ago but was only able to try it 3 years ago through some sampling. Now after 3 years and many bottles of ANR used, I must say i really regret not using it much earlier! ANR contains goodness in every drop that protect, cares, moisten, soften and heals my skin."

Details of the page is ---> HERE

After sending the testimonial, Estee Lauder Singapore give me a bottle of Advanced Night Repair, thank you so much ^___^


  1. Nice gift! I love Estee Lauder, they are one of the biggest cosmetic company owning many brands including MAC and Bobby Brown. I have to admit their products are great. This one seems good and may be I shall try.
    Salam kenal btw :)Aku follow kamu yah :)


  2. Yes, ANR is one of the must have item in the beauty world ^^

    Nice to meet you too!